US Osprey Aircraft Crashes Off Japan Coast, Killing At Least One 

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023 - 07:45 PM

A US military MV-22B Osprey with six souls on board crashed into the sea in western Japan on Wednesday while on a training mission, killing at least one person, according to Reuters

The tiltrotor aircraft that can operate as a helicopter or a turboprop aircraft crashed some 2 miles from Yakushima island. This area is part of Japan's Kagoshima prefecture and about 650 miles southwest of Tokyo. 

Local fisherman rescued three people in the surrounding waters, a representative of a regional fisheries cooperative said. 

It was reported another Osprey landed at the island's airport on Wednesday afternoon around the time of the crash. 

Despite excellent VFR conditions (known as clear skies and light wind), witnesses told local media the troubled Osprey had an engine malfunction.

Reuters noted Japan, which also operates a fleet of Osprey aircraft, said it has no plans to ground the tiltrotor aircraft while the US military investigates the incident. 

The accident-prone aircraft has been involved in five fatal crashes since 2012, killing at least 19 people.