European Woes: Governments Clamp Down on Freedom of Speech and Media Amidst Riots

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by Capitalist Exploits
Monday, Jul 24, 2023 - 14:58


"When they kick in your front door
How gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun
Even shoot us
But OO the guys of Brixton"


By now, you’ve likely seen the recent violence and rioting in France.

Actually, let me stop and restate that. Provided you are not ingesting mainstream media and instead using alternative media, you will be well aware of the chaos in France.

Censorship of media has meant that the vast majority of what has been transpiring is simply not being reported or being reported as “minor,” etc. The reality on the ground from multiple sources is quite different. You may recall that back in May I mentioned the conversation I’d had with an emigration official in Costa Rica mentioning to me that the prior eight months had seen an increase in French and German residence applications. I can’t imagine this trend has done anything but accelerated since.

This week Macron passed a law enshrining freedom of speech, then apologised for locking everyone in their homes, bankrupting thousands of small businesses for the flu, and promised he’d resign. Only kidding. He blamed the people complaining. No really!

And then proceeded to lock down the internet. I mean, when outright censorship via controlling the MSM fails to be having the desired effect, then it’s only reasonable, isn’t it?

Since you’ve not translated the document and assuming your français is as good as mine, I’ll give you the gist of this document. Internet lockdown for certain hours and certain areas in France. This is how it starts, folks.

Moving from France over to our bratwurst-eating friends…

The message is clear. Speak out against the elites, and we’ll destroy you.

Moving on to New Zealand, where, back during the height of the plandemic, the Government took control of the media outlets, we have the same totalitarianism.

I note that here is the German usage of the Tor browser application. Hahahaha!

It turns out that humans will always seek freedom. It’s a bit like forcing every female on earth to be a nun. Guaranteed you’ll have a certain percentage who break out and become raging nymphomaniacs.

Now that you’re all depressed and searching for a rope or sharp objects, consider this question. Would you invest in any of these countries?

Everything becomes relative, folks. I see this as a wild opportunity to front-run the arbitrage that still exists between woke Western countries where valuations of most every asset class are inconsistent with the rapidly developing trends unfolding in front of our eyes.

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