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Sunday, Aug 13, 2023 - 0:49

Global Intel Hub -- 8.14.2023 - Knoxville, TN -- Disclosure is pouring out like the three gorges dam burst, and it's not only about UFOs it's the whole enchilada.  In this article we are going to discuss some of the technical details which will help users to determine a PsyOp from a real genuine account.  Also, we are going to speak to the big question everyone has - if [person A] has real information, why aren't they already hit by a bus?  (See Clinton Body Count).  The good news for whistleblowers, with the exception of government workers with Cosmic Top Secret clearance working on really deep dark secret stuff with NDAs that basically say if you violate it, you're dead - mostly witnesses aren't being killed.  The tools of the trade have evolved, look at the false flags of Pearl Harbor compared to 911, when 911 happened a few people had low resolution cameras, but now the quality of an iPhone 15 is so high that you can see fibers on the nose hair in a face shot.  But just as consumer technology evolves, so does CGI used to create deepfakes, holographic projection technology, and real-time AI that passes the Turing test easily.  Bottom line, if the deep state doesn't like you, they will assassinate your character, they will harass you, intimidate you, humiliate you, but unless you have something of theirs, or really did something horrendous.

The FBI and the CIA have offices that monitor topics on their list.  They do listen to every single phone call, video conference, internet search, and it's all saved in an NSA database, but no one has time to read it or listen.  They do however focus on hot button issues, such as:

  • JFK
  • UFOs
  • Pole Shift
  • Zero Point Energy / Water powered cars
  • ETs
  • COVID Vaccines and alternative treatments

We don't know how long the list is, but we do know based on witness testimony the office does exist, and there are people who are paid and their only job is to monitor key topics.  These key topics seem to correlate with the 'fact checkers' - if you notice that the fact checkers are disproving truth's that "They" i.e. Deep State or the Establishment don't want you to know about.  They aren't fact checking if the Earth is Flat, that's absurdly obvious to anyone with 100 IQ (not because of observation, but easily provable science).  The point is you can talk about Flat Earth all you want, if you talk about who killed JFK and you have good evidence, you'll get a knock at the door.

This is information science, or Cybernetics.  If you get on their shit list, first they will character assassinate you.  This is done with:

  • Defamation articles
  • Personal attacks
  • Aggressive comments in social media, article comments, emails, calls

This is done by paid trolls.  You think that protesting is real?  Look at this:

With over 30,000 actors across the nation, you’ll be joining a world-class team!

All it takes is for a well funded team to fill out a form, describe what they want, and you can have 30,000 screaming people outside of your enemies house.  That's just one company, there are many, many others.  Activism for hire has become a thing in the past 10 years.  People don't really care about issues anymore (we can say that, a good number of protests in the past 10 years have been mostly protest-for-hire scams to make it look like people really care about Roe v Wade do they even know what it is?)

The defamation articles have a compounding affect because this brings the real crazies out of the woodwork, the genuine trolls that have therapy by squirting their guano all over your face like a spooked skunk cornered.  The point is it's not only the paid activists, it's the crazies, and the targeted list which has multiple levels of 'harass' in the worst case, it affects your job, credit, and life.  In the best case, it means death threats, pranks, and foolish goons bothering you.

In order to achieve these operational objectives, the groups behind Psy Ops have standing 'agents' such as online troll accounts, journalists, and local politicians waiting to bounce when the owner says the target and keyword.  The duck flies at midnight.  The chicken is in the pot.

So to achieve this, many of these bots, whether human or AI, promote occult ideas like Satanism, and normalize insanities like Flat Earth.  They mix in some legit ideas as well, to further confuse the users.  For example, they claim that the Church lies, so do most big organizations.  But that doesn't mean the Earth is flat, for example by proving someone is a liar, that doesn't make every word they said false by default - but that's the psychological implication with PsyOps and the Fake Content.  It's creating divisions in your mind, between the ego and superego, the conscious and the subconscious.  They are consciousness harvesting, on a control grid level scale.   It's not about advertising, it's about pre-determined behavioral outcomes, it's about creating a slave race or hive mind mentality, to put humanity in a trance, a consensus trance, where like frogs jumping into the boiling pot, we don't know how hot is too hot before we are cooked and served as dinner to the luxury guest.

In fact, it seems like these troll bots are promoting a new religion.  Look at this content:

Vampires, Goth culture - is that not satanic?  If the bots are promoting a "Satanic" message, are they remote controlled, like the people behind Brian Warner "Marilyn Manson" a real trans hero?

This is, of course, according to the New York Times: How the C.I.A. Played Dirty Tricks With Culture

This is not our unique idea, we are connecting the dots to an extent, on another level of consciousness.  The trolls create unique content with no references, no links.  Our research is highly referenced, and highly linked.  Which is more credible?  Do you believe what you see on Twitter Prima Facie?

How to know what content is controlled by paid bots, and what is organic?  At least, a simple understanding of what is Information Warfare, and how it is so widely distributed on social media, is a great start.  We are referencing things from the horses mouth, not speculation, not sarcasm, just research - check for yourselves.  Or in other words, who are these 'bots' ? Prove us wrong, bots.  Take the turing test, unmask yourself.  Each of you has the unique opportunity for redemption, refute this thesis and show your cards.  You never will, bots.  Your masters have too much liability, they will burn the world or shoot a President before they will give up the [what they consider to be] the crown jewels.

Trollfare: How to Recognize and Fight Off Online Psyops
It starts by understanding common tactics: distort, distract, dismiss, deny, and dismay.

PsyOps as major international operations - US funds Russian Communism

We'd like to roll it back to the good ol' days, before the internet, in order to provide more clear examples of what Counter-Intelligence really is, and how powerful it can be.  For most of the adult life of most people alive today, especially Boomers and older, we've listened to how Russia is going to kill us all, they are crazy, they are communists.  Most people don't realize that the entire Bolshevik revolution was not only financed by US banking interests, including but not limited to the Federal Reserve Bank, but it was planned in a building right in the heart of Wall St. - 120 Broadway (Currently it's the Equitable Life building).  Equitable Life Building120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271 [ Sutton, Anthony Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution ]

Lenin, Trotsky, and other operatives met with bankers, lawyers, and other tacticians in this building and planned the entire revolution.  They lacked no support including Woodrow Wilson, who provided the Passport for Trotsky:

President Woodrow Wilson was the fairy godmother who provided Trotsky with a passport to
return to Russia to "carry forward" the revolution. This American passport was accompanied
by a Russian entry permit and a British transit visa. Jennings C. Wise, in Woodrow Wilson:
Disciple of Revolution, makes the pertinent comment, "Historians must never forget that
Woodrow Wilson, despite the efforts of the British police, made it possible for Leon Trotsky to
enter Russia with an American passport."
President Wilson facilitated Trotsky's passage to Russia at the same time careful State
Department bureaucrats, concerned about such revolutionaries entering Russia, were
unilaterally attempting to tighten up passport procedures. The Stockholm legation cabled the
State Department on June 13, 1917, just after Trotsky crossed the Finnish-Russian border,
"Legation confidentially informed Russian, English and French passport offices at Russian
frontier, Tornea, considerably worried by passage of suspicious persons bearing American

NY based banker William Boyce Thompson, an agent for JP Morgan (The man, not the institution) provided the team with literally 'unlimited' funding:

At a later meeting it was made known that William Boyce Thompson, director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, had "offered to pay the
entire expense of the commission"; this offer was accepted in a telegram: "Your desire to pay expenses of
commission to Russia is very much appreciated and from our point of view very important."2

This is a business strategy, plain and simple.  Most Americans don't understand that it's not US foreign policy that's the problem, wealthy Alpha males we don't need to name names, act as agent provocateurs' in foreign lands with the ultimate goal of gaining cheap access to resources.  These people don't care about politics, they aren't 'leftists' or "Democrats" they will use any political party, any means necessary to achieve their goals.  The problem with this business strategy is that it is very toxic and creates a lot of collateral damage, and it's destructive.  Millions of people have been killed as victims of this strategy and billions of lives destroyed, the weapons makers are not to blame - it's the leaders of this strategy who pay the bills of the weapons makers.  During World War 2, Ford switched it's production to produce tanks, vehicles and other machines for the military (and even was producing for Nazi Germany in Brazil and other places) - current tank production could easily be switched to producing free vehicles for car-less people, or mobile food production facilities or "Hydroponics on Wheels" - this will never happen as long as the PsyOp is alive, and people believe we need to bomb Russia into oblivion because they 'invaded' Ukraine.  Ironically, Ukraine is the only place in the world where there actually are Nazis, and US policy is defending them.  When you unwind PsyOps from a rational, human perspective you see the disgust and absurdity of it all.

So what's the PsyOp?  It wasn't done overtly, it was done COVERTLY under the guise of the "American Red Cross" or in other words, a charitable mission.  As observed by Sutton, the group that travelled to Russia was comprised of entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, and politicians, and a couple of doctors.  If it really was a 'humanitarian' mission, they would have had mostly doctors, and a few lawyers (or none, why do you need lawyers when people are dying, starving, and being beaten?)

While they were secretly overthrowing the government in Russia and installing their stooge Kerensky, they were publicly scaring the public about the 'threat' of Communism, and that would later justify a whopper of a defense bill, because the Russians were going to nuke us into glass.  One general even surmised that Russians had nukes on the dark side of the moon, to which Rumsfeld responded logically, even though the CIA searched and found no evidence of nukes, that doesn't mean Russia doesn't have them.  Good one, Donnie.

The Russian PsyOp was done decades before the CIA even existed.  When the CIA was created, it became an Umbrella organization for all of these secret operations being planned, funded, and organized from US Soil (but not necessarily originated in the US).  Or in other words, USA became an intelligence clearing house, after Britain graciously passed the torch via William J Stevenson a Man Called Intrepid.  This structure still exists today, and it is because of this history that we can easily analyze trolls online, as it fits the same MO as the American Red Cross going to Russia.  A PsyOp in true form is a complex military operation designed to "Mind Fuck" you for lack of a better word.  Propaganda is a tool of a PsyOp, but it's just one tool - there are many.  Undercover agents acting as the enemy are another.  During the Bolshevik revolution, many spies infiltrated other groups and passed that intel back on to NY (this was before CIA existed, now it would be going to DC).

Hidden in Plain Site - What is a Limited Hangout practically speaking

There are images circulating around the web that a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) started the fires in Hawaii.  Here's one link to a tweet, and we've screenshot this too.


Here is an image of the bot/troll "Kevin" who is a Dad who likes Reptiles and fire (or maybe he is a 'flamer' ??).

First let's address the content that Kevin posted.  DEW does not produce light.  Watch this demo video by Raytheon, the largest and most credible manufacturer of DEW (direct from their site:)

Second, the image likely used in the low quality reproduction, to hide the source, was likely a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, as shown here:

We are not saying that DEW is not a thing, the military has been developing weather-as-weapon technology since Project Popeye, 1964 (Vietnam).  Here are JUST A FEW public documents regarding weather weapons, including DEW:

So if DEW is real, and can be used to create fires, storms, direct Hurricanes, and other tools of the atmosphere, why would paid trolls put out fake images of DEW striking Hawaii?

The best way to hide the truth, is to put out a fake story, making everyone focus on the fake story.  This worked fantastically with the Moon landings.  Astronauts have said that we did go to the moon, however, there are ET bases there, and the Apollo crew were 'chased away' including an escort back to Earth, with a strict wrist slap and the message "Stay Out."  In other words, the "Moon Hoax" is a real CIA Psy Op.  They want people to question if we really did go to the moon or not.  Images were filmed in a Hollywood Studio, in California, as referenced by Anthony Kiedis.  They were lying, they did leave out big facts - that's true.  But here's where the limited hangout gets inserted - they insert a false truth, which distracts people from the real truth about ETs.  So for decades, people are arguing if we went to the moon or not.  The evidence presented is quite strong, such as the incorrect shadows, shadows of what appear to be humans not in space suits (could be cameramen) but this only proves that what we saw on TV was in fact filmed in a studio, perhaps previously, and they played a tape.

NASA was created as a branch of the US Military and all astronauts have top secret clearance, probably COSMIC Top Secret the highest level of classification.  If they did speak out about this truth, they would lose their pensions, and possibly their lives.  One author did, and left the manuscript to his dear friend on his death bed, it's definitely worth a read for any enthusiasts: Space! The Final Frontier: Secrets NASA Doesn't Want You To Know Paperback – August 4, 2020 by Clark McClelland (Author), Harry Cooper (Author)

This isn't an article about the Moon or Space, it's about PsyOps, and this is a clear example where the CIA has an obvious fact to hide, and the Moon Hoax was brilliantly played.  They make excellent arguments and most of the evidence presented is true.  But this by itself doesn't prove that the Apollo Astronauts didn't visit the Moon, it only proves that much of the video we saw was in fact a 'deep fake' operation.

Fast forward until today, and we now have the technology to generate nearly anything imaginable with artificial intelligence.  Sometimes it's easier for the bots to take an image of a SpaceX launch, make it fuzzy by taking a picture with a phone or zooming in too much, thus making it blurry, and changing the narrative.

DEW does not produce light, just like your Cellphone frequency does not, nor do Radio waves or TV waves.  They are playing on the consumers lack of understanding of technology, and frankly as most people are scrolling through internet content they could care less.  If you have read this much of this article, you are in the upper 1% of the population that can a) read and b) comprehend and c) have patience and intellectual stamina to at least read about one analysis of how the world works.  We realize that 90% or 99% of people, do not have that intellectual stamina.

UNMASKED : Here is what the bot content creators *PROBABLY* look like:

You think that's far fetched, then answer this: what are 16,500 Cyber "Soldiers" doing, fighting the "Information War" do you think they are all filing reports and eating lunch all day?  Not according to war manuals.  From U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER):

We operate and defend Army networks and deliver cyberspace effects against adversaries to defend the nation with over 16,500 Soldiers, civilians, and contractors working 24/7 across the globe.

Our key locations are:
Fort Gordon, Georgia: Army Cyber Command headquarters
Fort Huachuca, Arizona: Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM)
Five Regional Cyber Centers in Arizona, Hawaii, Germany, Korea, and Kuwait

If you'd like a roadmap of how this works from start to finish, here's the US Army basic tactical manual.  This is excellent circumstantial evidence proving that many of these troll bots are operated by the US Military: USArmy-PsyOpsTactics

Here's the part we like most: (bold is ours)

Phase II: Target Audience Analysis
Target audience analysis (TAA) formally begins upon receipt of the Psychological
Operations objectives (POs), supporting Psychological Operations objectives (SPOs),
and potential target audience list (PTAL). The Target Audience Analysis Model
(TAAM) provides the framework by which PSYOP Soldiers identify and study TAs.
Using the TAAM, PSYOP Soldiers examine the motivations and consequences of
behavior to determine how best to influence the TA. The end products of TAA are the
PSYOP arguments used (the overall argument and approach to obtain the desired
behavior from the TA) and recommended actions that the U.S. military and its allies
can take to influence the behavior of selected foreign audiences.
TAA is the cornerstone of effective PSYOP. To change a group’s behavior, PSYOP
Soldiers must understand why the TA behaves as it does. Conducting effective TAA is
one of the most vital skills that a PSYOP Soldier can cultivate. PSYOP will be
ineffectual or even detrimental to mission accomplishment without this critical
analysis of the TA.
2-1. PSYOP Soldiers should keep abreast of current events and study the history, culture, society, and
political makeup of their respective target countries or regions to increase their awareness of long-standing
and emerging PSYOP-relevant issues. These issues could adversely affect U.S. policies in the combatant
commander’s (CCDR’s) theater of operations. Acquiring more than a general knowledge of countries, their
institutions, populace, and culture is a fundamental responsibility of every PSYOP Soldier.
2-2. Upon the completion or near-completion of PSYOP planning, TAA begins. PSYOP Soldiers initiate
TAA by conducting preliminary research on information related to the AO and its population to identify
the specific individuals, organizations, and key demographic sets that PSYOP may target.
2-3. Accurate and worthwhile TAA requires research and in-depth analysis of large amounts of
information. PSYOP Soldiers conducting TAA must evaluate these sources of information to determine
their credibility, accuracy, and relevance. Sources of information for TAA research, to include responses to
information requirements (IRs) that are integrated into the commander’s collection efforts, are the
• Results of PSYOP-specific intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB), to include the
PSYOP characteristics overlay, threat center of gravity (COG) analysis, and threat templates.
• Open-source information, to include Internet sites, news agencies, academic journals, and
unclassified government and nongovernment information.
• PSYOP or supported unit documentation, to include situation reports (SITREPs), after action
reports, OPLANs, and other archival information.
• Finished intelligence products produced by USG and allied agencies.
• PSYOP-relevant research and published studies produced by civilian analysts assigned to the
Research and Analysis Division, 4th POG(A).

So in other words, they are riding on the deepfake / fake news trend from 2015 (or they created it).  People don't buy TV anymore, all the lies, commercials, and propaganda - so the field of battle for your mind moved online, to social media.  Even new X owner Elon Musk says there is a "Ridiculous" amount of PsyOps on the platform:

Twitter owner Elon Musk said Monday that the platform suffers from a “ridiculous” number of professional psychological operations (or, “psy ops”), a concept that typically refers to the dissemination of propaganda or, when used by state actors like the military, psychological warfare tactics meant to manipulate one’s enemies.

“The amount of pro psy ops on Twitter is ridiculous!” Musk wrote in a post on Twitter.

He added jokingly that “at least with new Verified, they will pay $8 for the privilege—haha.”

Musk later qualified his statement, responding to a Twitter user’s comment that the psychological operations are “mid”-level rather than professional. Musk conceded that “it’s mostly basic.”

To conclude the DEW argument, DEW is used to manipulate the weather, cause Earthquakes, and more - and you can find thousands of official documents as well as hundreds of credible witness testimonies saying this on (Great job, Dane!)

By putting out the fake laser beam, it will capture a certain percentage of the non-professional civilian population, who will think that ALL reports of DEW are "Fake" and that DEW  in fact, isn't real.

There's another fact that the CIA wants to hide, which we can get into in a further article - that in the 1960s the government learned of cyclic cataclysm on Earth going back millions of years, causing Pole Shift which happens every 12,000 or so years.  During this event, the poles shift about 90 degrees and the shift is violent, however, after it settles, life begins anew.  There is nothing to fear about this as it's a healthy cleansing process designed by the Creator.  The deep state, call it what you will, wants to use this as 'fear' in the new PsyOp called "Climate Change" which is about to spew from the lips of these bots so rapidly they can't even hold it back any longer.  We will dig into the Climate Change Psy Op in article 3.  For now, we have opened up another side to the PsyOps raging online, in the hope to help people who are victimized by this traumatic content.

Read past the PsyOps, read articles, read books - look up references, check for yourself.  Visit our partners... Venture Investments @ Venture Capital Cross -


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