I’m Not F*cking Eating Bugs: A Manifesto

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by quoth the raven
Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023 - 13:47

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I have often commented that inflation is especially nefarious, because it operates in the dark machinery of the night, as nobody notices or has the time to understand it.

Inflation robs people every second of every day, with a majority of its victims unable to articulate how it works.

Inflation’s equally odious and obnoxious cousin is shrinkflation. Shrinkflation is what companies do when they don’t want to violently rub their balls in your face directly by raising prices. Instead they offer up the gentle teabagging of giving you less product, for the same price.

Usually, this douchebaggery is accompanied by exceptionally insulting marketing. For example, here’s some limp-dicked attempt by a focus group at Proctor and Gamble at trying to convince you that the Arabic numeral “6”, an integer known and understood for millennia, actually means “9”.

Shrinkflation is just as grotesque as inflation, and falls into a chum-bucket of consequences that materializes out of thin air, the excrement of the dollar’s continued loss of purchasing power.

And not unlike inflation, these consequences need to be kept under wraps just enough so that they can persist, but with nobody noticing them. If you don’t notice the powers that be taking one nanometer in ground a day from you, it’ll be decades before you notice that you’ve been moved a mile.

There’s been no better example of this “taking one nanometer in ground a day from you” than an emerging and growing chorus of news articles and op-eds beginning to suggest that the populace will one day be eating insects for meals in order to - wait for it - help fight climate change.

Have you noticed headlines like these popping up over the last few years? Here’s one from earlier this month:

And why are they popping up, you ask? Because they are...(READ THIS FULL ARTICLE, FREE, HERE). 

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