Podcast: Hartnett Says Stocks May "Pop & Bust" After Last Fed Hike

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Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023 - 1:33

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Report Overview:

Weekly data indicates Hartnett’s “sell the last hike” idea is tracking. Works with  ZeroHedge's "Nyet Zero": Hartnett Warns The Nasdaq Just Peaked..

The meat of the analysis starts at 6:30 time. Highlighted sections **labeled**. Run time 36:17.

Podcast Topics:

  • 0:35- Context/ The story so far
  • 4:55- Net Zero will not happen
  • 6:15- Scores on the Doors
  • 7:30- Double Top technicals confirm the path
  • 10:30-Central Bank and Tech stock correlation analysis
  • ***14:10- The Biggest Picture- main idea described ***
    • How we got to this
    • economic challenges for East and West are supply chains vs value chains
    • Deglobalization and mercantilism means reshore, onshore, repatriate, rebuild
  • 20:45- Weekly flows, EM debt
  • ***22:30- Real vs Financial Assets turn around is now***
    • Redistribute, rebuild implications
    • Politics driving policy
    • Populism, fiscal conservatives, and Trump
    • Buffet Epiphany…
  • 26:00- Housing market analysis
  • 28: 05- What Hartnett focuses on in Housing
  • 28:40- Hartnett’s Global Macro:
    • Asian demand » Asian productivity» US demand still
    • Services drop off in Asia is a sign as well.
  • 31:00- US vs ROW stock valuations
  • 4200 remains key
  • ***32:45- Bubble and Boom to Pop and Bust***
    • How it was
    • How it is changing
    • How it manifests- Inflationary headwinds
  • 34:40- Sell the last rate hike

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