COVID Warlord Fauci Jibber-Jabbers Incoherently About Forced-Masking on CNN

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Monday, Sep 04, 2023 - 16:51

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

"It puts the mask on its skin or else it gets locked down again."

I was led to believe this little goblin had retired. Yet here he pops up again, like a recurring herpes infection.

Taking a page out of the Karamel-uh Harris book, COVID Warlord Fauci appeared on CNN to push more endless masking amid the latest wave of COVID terror.

Try to make any sort of sense out of this:

"I would hope that if in fact we get to the point where the volume of cases is such and organizations like the CDC recommend — the CDC doesn’t mandate anything, I mean, recommends that people wear masks — I would hope that they abide by the recommendation and take into account the risk to themselves and to their families. And again, we’re not talking there’s forcing anybody to do anything...

I mean, when you’re talking about at the population level, that the data are less strong than knowing that if you look on a situation as an individual, protecting themselves or protecting them from spreading it, there’s no doubt that masks work."

For the record, masks do not work in the real world. There is objective evidence to this effect from reputable medical journals, as well as evidence of their many harms. But Warlord Fauci isn't one to let science get in the way of The Science™.

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This degenerate creature – who, in a decent society, would have been prosecuted for crimes against humanity and duly disposed of years ago by this point – has often employed this "we didn't force anybody to do anything" defense.

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Here's how the sham works: the CDC does not directly, in legal fact, force masking, which enables liars like Warlord Fauci to make public pronouncements to that effect that are technically, literally, true.

What happens in practice is that the CDC makes "recommendations," which are then taken up by local authorities all across the country – particularly in blue jurisdictions – that do enforce masking, not to mention all of the private companies and institutions that force-mask their workers and customers.

Fauci knows this, I know this, and you probably know this. But lobotomized CNN viewers don't know this or, really, anything.

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