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Friday, Sep 08, 2023 - 19:40

Global Intel Hub -- The world is watching self-appointed Hero of the Planet as if right out of a Marvel flick, Elon Musk, fight the forces of evil currently 'in control' of Planet Earth.  This is clearly not about blue vs. red, or right vs. left - it's about Good vs. Evil.  It often seems like Evil will win by default, because it's well funded and they spend billions on advertising where as the white hats largely work in the shadows, un-credited (because if they show their faces, they would be targeted).  But who are the white hats, and grey hats, and dark hats?

Who is behind the Censors, the Trolls, the Bots, the PsyOps?  We know some of them:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) are nongovernmental organizations, their leaders say. When they demand more censorship of online hate speech, as they are currently doing of X, formerly Twitter, those NGOs are doing it as free citizens and not, say, as government agents. But the fact of the matter is that the US and other Western governments fund ISD, the UK government indirectly funds CCDH, and, for at least 40 years, ADL spied on its enemies and shared intelligence with the US, Israel and other governments.  The reason all of this matters is that ADL's advertiser boycott against X may be an effort by governments to regain the ability to censor users on X that they had under Twitter before Musk's takeover last November. Internal Twitter and Facebook messages show that representatives of the US government, including the White House, FBI, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as well as the UK government, successfully demanded Facebook and Twitter censorship of their users over the last several years.

We've been covering this topic of the toxic "Bot Patrol" trying to negatively influence the minds of youths and other 'truth seekers' who are new to alternative information, 1 2 3 and 4.

We have shown in these articles, substantial circumstantial evidence, that at least some of these bots are paid CIA/ Military trolls as part of a PsyOps program.  Some of them are paid by private groups, NGOs, etc. but in any case, we have shown that they are paid bots, because you can't grow millions of followers without a) spending money or b) an influencer or c) the platform (X) is giving you free promotion for a government troll in exchange for something else (i.e. don't sue me.. or give me information on my competitors).

X seems to be the bot platform of choice for some reason, and although Elon is taking huge steps by suing the ADL, there still remains a huge quantity of toxic troll bots on the platform, many of which are claimed to be Satanic, as part of a mass hypnosis ritual.  These bots don't seem to be so widely proliferated on Free Speech platform Gab.  And the ADL is the tip of the iceberg, although it remains the most aggressive public actor, in spreading threats of violence against targeted racial groups (such as the Palestinians, for example) and "Supremacism" backed by lawyers and donors with deep pockets.

As pointed out by Free Speech advocate Andrew Torba, it isn't so simple like suing the ADL:

X is built on the rails of multiple third-party services including, but not limited to the Google Cloud infrastructure among others. X has had a partnership with Google Cloud since 2018, and Bloomberg reports that this collaboration has incurred annual expenses ranging from $200 million to $300 million for the company. Jonathan Greenblatt has openly bragged about the ADL’s partnership with Google, YouTube, Facebook, and X, going so far as to change the algorithms of these companies to meet their demands.  With one phone call to Google the ADL can cripple X. If Google pulls the plug on the cloud hosting deal massive parts of X’s critical infrastructure will be down for a long time, possibly the entire platform would be taken offline with one click. We saw this happen in 2020 with Parler when Amazon AWS pulled the plug and the platform was taken offline. They were never able to fully recover and recently shut the platform down completely after it sold to a third-party.  Going after the cloud hosting providers is just the start for the ADL’s ability to utterly destroy X. Next come the app store bans.

The one thing Elon has in his favor is deep pockets and a huge following of like minded individuals.  But it's not only the ADL, there is a 'dark net' of groups that utilize NGOs, corrupt government offices, private organizations, secret societies, and other agent provocateurs that are aggressively trying to control the minds of the masses.  This network is so pervasive, it literally shows up in all parts of society, even the Smithsonian has been caught hiding bones of Giants and other historical evidence that doesn't fit into the narrative they want to portray.  In the below chart, you can see the ADL, while a major node in the network, is only one node of many:

This chart was made by Dr. John Coleman, who once worked for the intelligence apparatus before becoming a whistleblower.  He has what's known as HUMANINT or Human Intelligence.  As a spymaster, he saw the secret dealings of the Elite, and how they used governments and intelligence agencies to do their dirty work.  In the case of the ADL, it's mostly character assassinations, and defeating lawsuits - in the case of some of their victims, they can be sued into bankruptcy, with the only hope of giving up their project and sacrificing their morals.

Ironically, we obtained a free PDF copy of the work from -


So, Elon, if you are going to go after the ADL, it's just one of the arms of the 100 arm Octopus, if you want to kill the beast, you'll have to cut off the head.

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