Missing the Target

Tim Knight from Slope of Hope's Photo
by Tim Knight from Slope of Hope
Sunday, Sep 24, 2023 - 16:28

From the Slope of Hope:

Over the past couple of years, Target (TGT) has lost an amazing 56% of its value. That's perfectly fine if they were a wildly-overvalued biotech startup, but this is one of the oldest, largest retail chains on the planet, so that kind of performance is pretty damned embarrassing.

This occurred to me, because I was required to go to Target this morning to pick up a variety of items. This was my second time in all of 2023 to do so. The prior instance, I wrote with amazement at the dreadful subjects they used for their photo models.

I was wondering if anything had changed since I was there last. On the contrary, it was worse. I took these photos in the store just minutes ago.........

Now, look. Let me just ask: what is the POINT of this? What is the POINT?

Is it to promote inclusion? Sensitivity? Kindness? Perhaps.

But this is a business. And I thought the purpose of a business was to promote sales for the ultimate benefit of the shareholders. The individuals pictured above are being featured on HUGE posters ostensibly for the purpose of driving product sales.

Is it working? Is management in possession of data which objectively illustrates that these images actually compel people to buy more product? Maybe. But I really, really doubt it.

Look, people have all kinds of problems, both physical and mental. Some people have dripping wounds that won't heal. Others are quadruple amputees. Still others have horrifying gum disease. These people exist. But do I want 20-foot tall posters shoved into my face featuring them? At the risk of seeming unkind, NO, I do not. Sorry!

And I wasn't so bad-looking in my younger days. Where was my modeling gig??? I'm still available, Target!

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