Yes, You Are Being Manipulated

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by quoth the raven
Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023 - 12:08

Submitted by QTR's Fringe Finance

I wanted to share with Zero Hedge readers 3 of my most popular pieces from the last couple of days. The first, "100 Sigma Events?" is an article that talks about what one investor believes to be the best opportunity in one commodity going forward over the next few years. 

The second article is my take on Joe Biden's terrible use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the third is a wonderful writeup by Dr. Robert Malone, who raises critical questions about Covid vaccines. 

100 Sigma Events?

The Big Short has become a cult classic movie amongst finance guys. Of course, we all know how the story ends, so there’s no suspense. Instead, the movie is a tale of hubris, and the downfall of a bunch of smug guys in suits. Meanwhile, our heroes are the handful of Wall Street misfits who figured things out, bet on the inevitable and then questioned their own sanity as the rest of the world ignored them, or even laughed at them.

One of my favorite scenes is when the CDS buyers walk into the American Securitization Forum. The storyline throughout this scene relates to how everyone at the conference is confident, yet oblivious to the fact that they’re all about to get run over—meanwhile our CDS buyers laugh amongst themselves as they know what’s coming. As outsiders, they get the joke and none of the insiders do.

I felt similarly last week as I roamed around the...(READ FULL ARTICLE HERE). 

Joe Biden Defiles The Corpse Of The Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Yesterday, an apparently fake headline circulated on Twitter (or X, or whatever the fuck it’s called this week), alleging that President Biden was open to “depleting” the Strategic Petroleum Reserve due to rising oil prices.

Many quickly accepted the headline as genuine, perhaps because it sounded precisely like something President Biden might say. I spent some of the afternoon looking for the source and it was not The Wall Street Journal, as claimed on Twitter.

Though the headline was fabricated, it almost doesn’t even matter at this point. President Biden has made it clear that tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is perpetually under consideration, undoubtedly because oil prices (and the prices of everything, i.e. inflation) have become a headline issue in the upcoming presidential election.

In essence, the lower oil’s price is, the easier it is for President Biden to claim success in fighting inflation. Reduced oil prices also enable leftists to argue that limiting drilling domestically does not adversely affect consumers and therefore, we should all do whatever the fuck they want at any and all times, including cheering them on while they deface priceless historic works of art, all in the name of sacred “climate change"...(READ FULL ARTICLE HERE). 

Dr. Robert Malone: Yes, You Are Being Manipulated

PubMed is a government aggregator site for peer-reviewed research. 

Recently, a search on PubMed using the search terms “COVID-19 vaccines” revealed a shocking trend. So, what did I find? 

There are literally thousands of peer-reviewed studies on vaccine hesitancy and how the government can overcome it. In sum, there are over 6,000 such studies on PubMed. A more narrowly focused search on EndNote pulled up about 1,250 studies. These studies have a wide range of topics, but most focus on which groups of people are vaccine-hesitant, statistics on these populations, as well as how to overcome vaccine hesitancy through propaganda, censorship, the law, and behavioral control.

The fact is that our government, governments from around the world, the WHO and UNICEF have spent billions of dollars in a misguided attempt to try to figure out how to make people take (coerce, compel, and entice) these experimental medical products (COVID-19 vaccines). This was clearly a coordinated effort.

This monumental worldwide effort to manipulate beliefs has eliminated informed consent. Informed consent is the idea that a person must be given sufficient information before making decisions about their medical care. Pertinent information includes risks and benefits of treatments, the patient’s role in treatment, alternative treatments, and the person’s right to refuse treatment. When people cannot get reliable safety information on whether to take an experimental product or any medical product, when they are being coerced and are not informed of...(READ FULL ARTICLE HERE). 

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