America's Conflicting Ideological Goals

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by Portfolio Armor
Friday, Sep 29, 2023 - 11:41
China's shipbuilding capability versus that of the U.S.
After decades of outsourcing manufacturing to China, the Pentagon whines that China can manufacture more ships than the U.S. 

Why America Seems So Crazy Now...

Consider a few recent news items: 

  • The ongoing invasion of America's southern border, abetted by Biden's Border Patrol.
  • The looting spree in Philadelphia.
  • Looters targeting retail logistics hubs.
  • Congressman Mike Waltz demanding a National Maritime Strategy to counter China.
  • Teens joyriding busses at America's largest shipyard.
  • The revelation that the murderer of the tech CEO in Baltimore had previously raped another woman, slashed her and her companion's throats, and set them on fire.
  • The shameless defense of Biden corruption by Congresswoman Crockett.
  • The "Sarah" (Michael) Cirillo saga of America's transgender spokesman for the Ukraine's Territorial Defense Force.
  • The poor girl getting sucker punched and beaten by a boy pretending to be a girl in an Oregon middle school.

...Because It Is

It's crazy that our government lets the chaos at our border and in our cities and schools happen, but it's especially crazy it lets it happen while provoking Russia and China in their front yards, after decades of outsourcing our manufacturing capability to China. 

The problem is that America has several conflicting ideological goals: 

  • To perennially remain the world’s sole superpower.
  • To be an asset-light economic zone where heavy industry is outsourced to geopolitical competitors.
  • To import poverty via open borders. 
  • To prioritize antiracism over law & order. 
  • To promote the latest paraphilia (transgenderism). 

Most of these goals are destructive in and of themselves, but when combined, they are a recipe for disaster. That's why everything seems so crazy right now. 

Update 1: The Tweet That Inspired This Post

Here's the tweet that inspired this post, if you want to see the responses it got on X. 

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