The Ceaseless Torment of the Global Elite

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by DeRisk
Sunday, Oct 08, 2023 - 19:59

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Who do you love to hate?


Who is responsible for mass inoculations of experimental gene therapy?


Who controls the media?


Who is deploying weapons grade frequency technology otherwise known as 5G?


Who has for the last one hundred and thirty years supressed zero point energy devices that could provide limitless free energy for the planet?


Who owns ninety per cent of the world’s resources?



Klaus Schwab


With so much power and so much control you would think this small group of men and woman would be happy.


I can assure you they are not.


No happy person at peace with themselves perpetuates the atrocities we witness today.


So if they are not happy what drives them to do the things they do?


Why are they so relentless in their pursuit of more power, more control and more suffering for the rest of us?


Here is a clue.


Dr Stephen Greer notes this elite and their minions are inducted into Unacknowledged Special Access Projects under the threat of death.  Should they divulge any of the activities they are undertaking or seek to leave the group they receive a visit from the “wetworks” team. 


In other words terror is at the basis of this global elite, not joy. 


Their ceaseless effort to maim men and women and destroy the earth is motivated by terror and other unpleasant feeling/beliefs they project onto others.


In the language of psychology this is called transference – the projection of our own feelings and beliefs onto an external world.


This is what the global elite is doing day in and day out. 


The key thing to realise is that none of this is conscious.


Yes Bill Gates knows he is inoculating young African girls.


But he does not know what motivates him to commit the crime.


The great appeal of transference is that it keeps the feelings and beliefs we hold about ourselves firmly in the cupboard of the unconscious.


This is why the global elite never cease in their behaviour. 


They can’t.


If they stopped projecting terror and other feeling/beliefs such as guilt and shame onto others they would have to face these feelings/beliefs about themselves.


This is something they cannot do.


So like any other compulsive addict they continue to execute their strategies of death literally unable to do anything else.


The more atrocities they commit the more blind they must remain about what they unconsciously believe about themselves.


This is too bad, not just because of the suffering it causes to men, women and the planet.


It is also too bad because, as I outline in the Troubles Away program, none of the things they believe about themselves to which they have to remain oblivious are actually true.


So if I had a message to this tiny group of people it is this:


Dear Global Elite, the terror, the guilt and shame you run from with your crimes are all lies.


None of what you are running from is true.


This is your salvation.


These lies can be cleared.


As the cupboard of the unconscious is cleared the motivation to perpetuate compulsive crimes disappears.


So you see dear global elite, you think you are in control but you are not.


You are being controlled.


You are being controlled by a pack of lies.


If you would like to regain control clear the lies and watch your world change.


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