CIVIL WAR IN 5, 4, 3, 2,…

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by Capitalist Exploits
Thursday, Oct 12, 2023 - 16:10
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Here is Texas governor Greg Abbott…

So tell me, at what point does the Texas national guard decide they’re not wanting to have to wait for the feds to dismantle their day’s work, only to go and do it all again, and simply step in to stop the feds?

The kindling for civil war is being laid.

I am aware many are looking for a political solution (just vote for the right guy) to this problem, but the way I see it comes predominantly from the financial side of things and here is the problem.

In 2000, the federal government’s debt was just over $5 trillion. Now, it’s about $33 trillion and counting. It hasn’t and doesn’t matter who’s in power. The debt continues to grow exponentially.

Looking for a savour in politics is, in my book at this point, foolish.

I recall the words of my friend Doug Casey and what he said ahead of the elections when Trump was running against Hillary.

Elections are, quite frankly, meaningless. These two corrupt parties, the Republicrats and the Demopublicans, run by political hacks and funded by interest groups, simply appoint the people that they want and then present the American people with the illusion of a choice.

The people who run these parties have become increasingly bold and arrogant.

They’re absolutely horrible creatures, the same types that used to thrive in the Soviet Union. Americans should be ashamed of themselves for treating them with any respect at all.

Two cheeks of the same arse. That is what they are. Frankly, the only hope and decent candidate running is Kennedy Jr., and I think the deep state will Epstein him if he looks to have even a remote chance of winning.


Things have frankly gone too far to hold the US together at this point. The best one can hope for is a quick and relatively bloodless civil war, whereby the US breaks up into multiple different countries.


I say relatively bloodless only because it’s highly unlikely in any war to have few casualties, and given the types of weaponry at the disposal of the deep state, things don’t look particularly good on any peaceful secession movements.

It is yet another reason why I honestly don’t see any election taking place next year. We can expect some false flag event — something that allows for the implementation of Marshall law. I don’t know what it will be, but there is no way they intend for an election to take place.

The bigger question to ask right now is what will this mean for markets when it takes place?

Well, the US bond market is THE big daddy, and it is difficult to envision this doing well in such a scenario. But where does that capital flee to?

It sure ain’t the euro. Some may go to London, some even to Japan, despite their horrendous financial situation. What I do know is that “stuff” is still significantly undervalued relative to almost every other asset class available.

And this brings me to gold, which looks increasingly attractive to me here.

Just remember how uranium limped along for ages only to down an entire box of viagra and stand up straight and tall. Gold is likely to do this at some point too, and the time to buy it isn’t when everyone is yabbering about it — it’s when they are silent.

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