Anti-Defamation League Now Blaming White Supremacists For Eruption of Antisemitism

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Tuesday, Oct 24, 2023 - 19:08

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Because the Current Thing narratives are nothing if not predictable, I speculated on Twitter/X last week how and when the governing authorities would try to blame white people for the burgeoning civilizational conflict between Israelis and Middle Eastern Muslims unfolding on American and European streets.  

Here we go:

“One week after Hamas's brutal terror attacks in Israel, white supremacists continue to rail against Israel and the Jewish community, gathering in cities nationwide to promote their racist, antisemitic propaganda,” reads the Anti-Defamation League Tweet from October 18th.  

The Democrat Party front group then goes on to show a grand total of three images with five (probable) feds in masks holding cartoonish antisemitic signs, purportedly from California, Seattle, and Alabama.

“Five feds in face masks does not a Holocaust make,” my Irish-Catholic grandmammy used to tell me as I rocked on her knee Sunday afternoons while the apple pie cooled on the window sill.

Of course, the inconvenient reality for the ADL is that the vast majority of protests against Israel’s siege on Gaza are conducted by non-white Muslims. However, Social Justice™ dogma dictates that brown people of diverse faith cannot ever be perpetrators of any sort of hate crime. Accordingly, the blame must fall on the white man, the proverbial whipping boy for millennia-old religious conflicts between Semites.

In a bittersweet irony, I would be remiss not to note that it was exactly anti-white hate groups like the ADL that cheerleaded the mass-scale import of Third World migrants, many of whom harbor deep-seated, Old World hostilities towards Israel.

It was the ADL that inculcated the “anti-colonial” race hate of the BLM variety. It was the ADL that derided critics of the Color Revolution inside of the United States as irredeemable Deplorables.

Via the Anti-Defamation League during the 2020 Summer of Love”:

We mourn for George Floyd, who was horrifically murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis. There are many marching in the streets across the country and around the world chanting, “I can’t breathe” in tribute to his memory and to demand justice.

We mourn for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and Rayshard Brooks among countless others whose lives were cut short as a result of systemic racism in policing.

As an organization committed to fighting all forms of hateADL knows that these brutal deaths follow an explosion of racist murders and hate crimes across the U.S. Systemic racism, injustice, and inequality call for systemic change.

It is more than just institutions that need to change.  During the Civil Rights era, Rabbi Abraham Heschel joined Martin Luther King, Jr. in his Alabama march from Selma to Montgomery. Rabbi Heschel said afterward, “I prayed with my feet.” We as individuals and communities continue their march today.

Join us in combatting the bigotry, racism and discrimination that targets marginalized communities today

ADL’s Center on Extremism is actively monitoring extremist groups’ commentary on — and occasional participation in — the nationwide protests, and has found an abundance of online conspiracy theories blaming George Soros for fomenting the chaos.

Valuing the power of partnerships, ADL joined the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and more than 400 organizations in a sign-on letter, urging Congress to pass meaningful police reform legislation. ADL also added its name to a sign-on letter from the Jewish Council of Public Affairs with a number of Jewish groups to express solidarity with the Black community, call for accountability and reform among law enforcement and commit to ending systemic racism.

ADL also launched #JusticeShabbat as a means of inviting people across faiths and cultures to spend Friday night, or any time over the weekend, as part of a virtual community, to to share awareness of, reflect on and grapple with the protests motivated by George Floyd’s murder, the systemic racism in America, and how to secure a more just and inclusive society.”

Anti-American organizations like the ADL birthed this rabidly racist “decolonization” Kraken, and now they’re not going to get any sympathy from me as they play violins for themselves because the mob has turned on Israel.

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