Slaughter in New Zealand

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Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 - 22:31

New Zealand is a small country yet it often serves as a useful microcosm of events in other parts of the world.

At present men and women are being slaughtered.

Within the last few days Liz Gunn, head of NZ Loyal, one of the few political parties willing to speak out revealed leaked documents indicating that tens of thousands of the population have died from the experimental gene therapy.  If you appreciate that the population of New Zealand is just 5 million it gives some idea of the scale of the slaughter.  In one clinic in one day 30 people were given the jab.  All 30 are now dead.

For a small country the deaths are impressive. Over 49 weeks in 2022 there were 5,285 excess deaths.  That is a 3,203% increase over 2020 figures before the inoculation rollout.

New Zealand Excess Death Figures
Excess deaths in New Zealand. Source:

Guy Hatchard suggests worldwide excess deaths from the experimental gene therapy equals the annual slaughter during World War 1.

More gene-therapy is currently being developed for other conditions.  The Pandemic Preparedness Act, soon to be a reality in New Zealand will give the World Health Organisation the ability to force mandatory vaccinations on the entire population.

While the New Zealand government urged the population to take the safe and effective jab at the same time it issued over 11,000 exceptions to key staff.

In this beautiful country how has this situation come about?


The institutionalised slaughter of a population is not without precedent. 

The Aztec experience gives a valuable clue as to why such atrocities take place.

Before their conquest in 1501 the Aztec sacrificed an estimated 1% their population each year. 

Aztec Human Sacrifice
Aztec Human Sacrifice

The rationale for the sacrifices was that if enough sacrifices were not made the world was in danger of coming to an end every 52 years.

As the world did not come to an end when the conquistadors put an end to the practise we know this belief was not true.

In our time the rationale for the vaccine rollout was a deadly virus that was threatening men and women on earth. 

Like the belief in the world coming to an end every 52 years we now know this is also not true.

There is no scientific evidence that anything with the purported characteristics of a virus has ever been show to exist.

This is not just for the presumed covid virus. 

No virus at all has ever been shown to exist.

Further, the scale of deaths from the jab demonstrates the claim that they are safe and effective has also been shown to be not true.

In other words, in both the Aztec and our own experience the underlying basis for the slaughter is not true.  They are fantasies, lies.

Why these lies?  Are they simply a ruse to cull the population?

My wife is Cambodian.  As a child she vividly remembers soldiers coming to her parent’s home in the capital Phnom Penh and being told to evacuate because the Americans are coming.  That simple lie began the Killing Fields where 3 million died.

In the Cambodian case a blatant lie was used to begin the extermination of the population.

Yet the Aztec experience suggests there may be more than an outright lie at work.

In Worlds in Collision Immanuel Velikovsky outlines evidence that the earth was twice devastated by near miss encounters with Venus 52 years apart around 1,500 B.C.

Planets in collision
Earth and Venus in near miss collision twice 52 years apart around 1.500 B.C.

In other words, the Aztec belief in the need for sacrifice has its basis in actual historical events.  With evidence documented from cultures around the world Worlds in Collision describes global events that twice decimated men and women 52 years apart.

Connecting the Aztec slaughter to catastrophic events around 1,500 B.C. gives us the clue to what is taking place today.

In psychology there is a behaviour known as repetition compulsion.  It means that when faced with the trauma of an overwhelming event men and women can’t help but re-create the experience of the original trauma over and over again.

Does repetition compulsion help understand the institutionalised slaughter of the Aztecs?

Does repetition compulsion help understand the institutionalised slaughter from the jab?

I think it does.  If you watch the Introductory Video on the Troubles Away website I share evidence that the troubles we currently face are re-creations of the original global trauma of around 1,500 B.C.

Key to the evidence provided is the appreciation that all this behaviour is unconscious.

In other words, while the pandemic scam is clearly planned and the prominent actors know exactly what they are doing, they are themselves not aware of what drives them to commit these atrocities.

This is what compulsion means.  The same unconscious control of our lives is at work when we have another drink or bar of chocolate.  We know it is not good for us but we do it anyway.

The recognition that we are dealing with repetition compulsion on a global scale gives us a means of ending situations like covid.

The compulsive behaviour that is the underlying cause of the current slaughter in New Zealand is the result of un-acknowledged feelings and beliefs held in the collective unconscious. 

This makes it clear as to where a solution lies:

As these beliefs are cleared the need for compulsive behaviour disappears.


To finally realise the problem is not out there but in here is the breakthrough insight that can lead to its effective resolution.

Some may think that clearing unconscious feelings and beliefs from the past to end the slaughter in New Zealand is naïve.  However it may be worth considering this:

Louise Hay’s classic book You Can Heal Your Life has sold more than 50 million copies.  The book contains a checklist to uncover the unconscious beliefs that are the cause of diseases as diverse as cancer and malaria.

What could be the reason for the book’s phenomenal success?  Could it be that that Hay’s approach actually works?

If unconscious beliefs are the basis of personal disease could they not also be the basis of collective catastrophe?



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