The U.S. Army Gets Desperate, Puts White Men Back In Its Ads

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by Portfolio Armor
Wednesday, Nov 08, 2023 - 10:14
Screen capture from the latest U.S. Army ad
Screen capture from the latest U.S. Army ad.

Woke Ads Weren't Filling The Ranks

Readers may recall some of the U.S. Army's woke ads in recent years, focusing on diversity, such as this one about a lady soldier who was raised by two lesbians. 

Apparently, those ads weren't filling the ranks, so the U.S. Army came out with a new ad featuring a white man. You can see it embedded in the Army's X post below. 

Replies Have Been Brutal 

Below is a sample of some of the replies the Army got, followed by a brief trading update. 

Peachy Keenan pointed out the cynicism of the ad. 

The full text of her tweet: 

The US Army's new recruitment ad is so cynical. After 15 years of relentless progessive brainwashing and doing a literal "stand down" to root out "extremists" ( ie white conservatives), they are now facing an existential recruiting crisis and must return again to seducing the children of said "extremists" into fighting for their country.

A country that no longer exists.

Others mocked the Army's U-turn from diversity. 

Peachy Keenan reminded the Army of the degeneracy that had crept into its officer corps...

While others reminded the Army of this classic:

And some suggested that the men who formerly made up the core of the U.S. military would be unlikely to heed the Army's call now. 

Looks like it's going to be tough sledding staffing the volunteer Army in the near future. 

Hopefully, the Biden Administration will get the message and avoid starting another war, or getting more involved in the current Mideast conflict. 

Trading Update: Earnings

So far, we've had three exits from earnings trades this week: 

  1. Call spread on Sketchers (SKX 1.65%↑). Entered at a net debit of $1.12 on 10/26; exited at a net credit of $1.50 on 11/7. Profit: 34%.

  2. Call spread on Datadog (DDOG 29.35%↑). Entered at a net debit of $0.40 on 11/6; exited at a net credit of $0.95 on 11/7. Profit: 138%.

  3. Call spread on Trip Advisor (TRIP -0.33%↓). Entered at a net debit of $0.38 on 11/6; exited at a net credit of $0.94 on 11/7. Profit: 147%.

The second two were from trades we entered this week. We also entered a bearish trade against Bumble (BMBL 0.00%↑) ahead of its earnings yesterday; if its pre-market price holds ($12.50), that could be another >100% winner.

We have one trade teed up for today. If you'd like a heads up when we place it, feel free to subscribe to our trading Substack/occasional email list below. 


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