Kansas is Going Bye Bye

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Thursday, Nov 09, 2023 - 20:36

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz


Senate Bill 686, the Canadian Digital Citizen Initiative and similar initiatives in New Zealand and other countries are forms of censorship to limit free speech in favour of a single source of truth from those in power. 

Why are such measures being implemented now?

What do they say about the nature of the world we live in and indeed the very nature of reality itself?

The World Health Organisation first coined the term infodemic back in 2020. It outlined a number of initiatives to immunize the public against misinformation. 

As part of these efforts the Covid Solidarity Response Fund raised $256,195,799.31 from 676,626 donors.

In a World Economic Forum podcast, UN communications director Melissa Fleming said they had recruited 110,000 on-line volunteers to curb misinformation.

One way to look at events that began in 2020 is to see a veil being lifted from the world.

For example before 2020 I personally assumed:

  • there were laws that needed to be followed for the general good.
  • the financial markets were free in the sense that price movement was a product of the perceived risk/reward of investors
  • there were illnesses created by viruses.

2020 showed that none of these assumptions are true:

  • I learnt the legal society is a fiction that requires my assumed consent for it to be binding.
  • When the Federal Reserve started buying bonds in 2020 risk disappeared and ended the idea of free markets.
  • I discovered there is no scientific evidence that anything with the characteristics of a virus has ever been shown to exist.

These are some of the major beliefs I held that have proved  to be fantasy.  But they are far from the only ones.

What are your views on:


germ theory


climate change

black holes

gravity as the dominant force in the universe


gazing at the sun?

I now realise most of what I believed before 2020 is not true.

Replicate this experience across millions if not billions of men and women and the last three years is a de-facto end of the world.

As the veil lifts our perception of reality irrevocably changes.

Like the experience of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz Kansas is going bye bye.


While profoundly unsettling to realise most of what you believe is fantasy this is not the first time men and women have experienced a radical change of state.


The world we experience has ended before.


Richard Heinberg in his book  Memories & Visions of Paradise writes: 

Every religion begins with the recognition that human consciousness has been separated from the divine Source, that a former sense of oneness…​has been lost…​everywhere in religion and myth there is an acknowledgment that we have departed from an original…​innocence.

Yale and Princeton university researcher Julian Jaynes describes this previous change of state in the language of science. In our state of innocence, says Jaynes the gods spoke directly to us through the right hemisphere of the brain.  When that connection was broken the internal imaginative space we call consciousness opened up.

In The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind Jaynes dates the event to around 1,500 B.C. 

This historical perspective can provide a context for what is happening today.

If men and women experienced reality completely differently before 1,500 B.C. than after is there any reason why such a shift cannot happen again?

Is this what has happened over the last three years?

From our new vantage point it looks like since we became conscious 3,500 years ago we have lived in a world of fantasy.   We gave support to the illusion by believing its fictions to be real. 

Because those in power have most to lose as the collective belief in this fantasy reality fades they are doing what they can to preserve the semblance of business as usual

Hence the campaign against misinformation.

However I would like to suggest it is not just the global elite that feel they have something to lose as all that is illusory is exposed. 

Who has a pension that invests in the S&P 500?  What happens to the $2.6 trillion Health Care segment once a critical number of people realise that viruses, any virus, are fiction?

Maybe there is no need for government initiatives against misinformation.  In one way or another we all believe we have a vested interest in maintaining the semblance of a now departed world.

Uncertainty may also play a part.

Despite troubles like fake-vaccines, lockdown and censorship we are at least familiar with illusions we have lived with since birth.  The dimension of consciousness we are entering/have entered is unknown.  It is this unknown that is perhaps the most unsettling part of the metamorphosis. 

With uncertainty there may also be the feeling of loss of control.

If the last time such a change of state took place is anything to go by, this shift is not our doing.

It may be happening to us.

It may be part of the natural evolution of the earth.

None of us like the feeling that we are not in control of our lives.

Yet again, if the past is anything to go by there is no going back.

Indeed perhaps the only real choice we have is to either resist the change taking place or accept 3,500 years of history is over and align ourselves with whatever is coming next.

Whether the transition is fast or slow, brutal or relatively pain free I do not know.

According to Immanuel Velikovsky in Worlds in Collision most of men and women perished, not once, but twice, as the transition to consciousness was made.

In terms of our current transition practically I would suggest the following:

  • Take the Troubles Away program. It deals with how the illusionary world was created in the first place and how its remnants can be cleared.
  • Learn a law-form such as Common Law or The Sovereign’s Way  to protect you and your family from the next piece of legislation.
  • Remove investments that require the perpetuation of the now revealed illusion - you never know how long its effects will last.
  • Take back control of your health by removing any dependency on the medical system.
  • Live simply.  Rest, eat organic, find peace and trust.

Dorothy did okay so maybe so can we.



Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

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