‘War Is Peace’: MSNBC Claims (Again) That Voting Is Anti-Democratic

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Sunday, Nov 26, 2023 - 20:21

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

One could accuse me of beating this horse to death, even gratuitously so. Fair enough.

But it’s worth emphasizing just how stupid the corporate state media thinks its viewers are — and, by extension, the public-school-educated American public generally — that it can ram down its audience’s slack-jawed throats the narrative that voting for unapproved parties or candidates is a violation of sacred Democracy™.

That’s how stupid they think their loyal Democrat viewers/readers are, that they can’t see through the most glaring contradiction in all of human history; that merely by waving hypnotically the avatar of the Orange Bad Man in front of their faces, back and forth, they can convince them that voting the wrong way makes the fascists. 

If they can convince their audience that the act of voting is anti-democratic, the sky’s the limit gaslighting-wise. No contradiction is too strained to bear. Cognitive dissonance has been fully remedied by the state. The full surrender of their conscience to the hive-mind is then complete.

“War is peace.”

Orwell, once again, did not write science fiction; he was the real Nostradamus.

If you’re a decent American who doesn’t live in one of the affluent D.C. suburbs that feeds parasitically off of the American taxpayer  – which is why these counties are immune to economic downturn, making them care even less, if that’s possible, about the plight of Middle America – the corporate state media is literally your enemy.

Pearl-clutchers accused Trump of hyperbole when he said so (first in 2015). But he was factually accurate, and ahead of the curve in terms of mainstream figures.

The corporate state media is the reason you can’t have nice things, why your son wants his testicles removed ASAP and demands that you recognize his preferred gender identity as a “pansexual demiqueer” or whatever, and why all of your neighbors are seemingly addicted to a minimum average of five psychotropic medications, rendering them stupefied.

Not all media.

The corporate state media.

Independent media, such as those allowed still to write and broadcast on Substack and Rumble, are part of the solution, not the problem.

Which is very evidently why their legacy competitors sic their ADL dogs on them under the auspices of fighting “antisemitism” or whichever cause du jour.

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