"Inflation Is Your Fault" And Other Self-Loathing Liberal Lies

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by quoth the raven
Monday, Dec 04, 2023 - 11:00

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Hell hath no fury like a New York City limousine liberal full of self-guilt, ready to submit to their overlords in the government and media, even if it means blaming themselves (and everybody else) for problems that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

But, rather than try to deal with the mindset of those malleable enough to walk around accepting blame for problems others have created, I wanted to write this article to go right to the source. This weekend, that source was The Atlantic. Yes, the same publication that got down on its hands and knees and begged us for Covid amnesty after being part and parcel with an authoritarian group of psychopaths, who were happy to abscond with the civil rights of everybody around them, unilaterally now wants to blame us – everyday Americans – for inflation.

How do I know this? They wrote a fucking article called “Inflation is Your Fault” and titled it in all capital letters, in the douchiest Serif font they could find:

The article’s subtitle, written in the same pretentious style that suggests it’s some type of peer reviewed scientific revelation, is: “If people are so mad about high prices, why do they keep buying so many expensive things?”

The irony here is widespread. First off, fucking everything is expensive. So the answer to the question of “If people are so mad about high prices, why do they keep buying so many expensive things?” could be anything. It could be because people need to wipe their ass with something. It could be because people need bread to eat. It could be because they need to put gas in their car. It could be because they need laundry detergent, or a winter jacket. All of these are “expensive things” nowadays.

Second off, I don't know anybody that takes their social cues from what people write in The Atlantic. A fancy typeface can only cover up so much inane, lobotomized bullshit, and the print over at The Atlantic has done about as much heavy lifting as it possibly can.

Third off, I can't think of anybody less qualified to offer commentary on the state of the financial world than people on the left side of the aisle. Sure, Republicans contributed to our current inflationary crisis by helping unleash trillions of dollars in new money during Covid, but the Biden administration has also, over the course of the last four years, run the US national debt up to...(READ THIS FULL STORY HERE). 

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