COVID Propaganda Roundup: Bioterror State = Equity™

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Thursday, Jan 18, 2024 - 23:34

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Corporate media claims Orwellian ‘pandemic treaty’ all about Equity™

Equity™, it can be seen, is an enormously versatile concept that means, all at once:

·       Inviting drag queens to elementary schools to instruct kindergarteners how to deliver the most exceptional blowjobs they can muster

·       Giving free airplane seats away to butterballs so they stop complaining about #fatphobia on social media

·       Programming AI to be lukewarm on white genocide

·       Forcing allegedly sovereign national governments via “pandemic treaties” to turn over all of their biomedical surveillance data to an unaccountable multinational cabal and then forcibly injecting their populations with experimental drugs in return.

Via Politico:

“A huge global effort to draw up rules around who does what in the event of another pandemic is floundering as memories of COVID-19 fade, raising a real possibility that talks will break down and leave the world as unprepared as it was in 2020.

The pandemic treaty, currently being negotiated through the World Health Organization (WHO), aims to prepare for the next global health emergency and prevent a repeat of what South Africa called ‘vaccine apartheid,’ where countries had vastly unequal access to COVID vaccines and drugs. 

It's meant to be a legally binding agreement that commits countries to monitor pandemic threats, beefs up their capacity to respond and sets out what nations would receive in return for sharing information on any disease-causing viruses or bacteria that they discover…

A guiding principle for the agreement is the notion of equity, a concept notably lacking during the COVID-19 pandemic. This idea helped to get low- and middle-income countries on board with the idea of a pandemic treaty in the first place — and it’s now proving to be a red line.”

‘Disease X’ terror takes center stage at Davos

Via World Economic Forum:

“With fresh warnings from the World Health Organization that an unknown “Disease X” could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic, what novel efforts are needed to prepare healthcare systems for the multiple challenges ahead?”

We have a grand total of two possibilities here:

·       If “Disease X” already exists and has been identified, reading and waiting to be unleashed on the world, why would the Public Health™ authorities not simply disclose what it is in the public interest?

·       If “Disease X” doesn’t yet exist or has not been identified, how can the WEF be so conspicuously, suspiciously certain that it will emerge, and how much deadlier it will be than COVID?

How can anyone — like the Stockholm syndrome victims on their 16th booster — countenance this narrative and not immediately realize the propagandistic nature of these claims?

AARP promoting eighth (!) booster for elderly rubes

Via Alex Berenson Substack:

“AARP is suggesting its members should be taking their eighth jab of mRNA in the last three years. Yet scientists have essentially no safety data beyond a third shot, much less a fourth or more, and thus no way of knowing if the risks of repeated mRNA dosing rise with each shot…
AARP’s unbelievably bad advice doesn’t end there. The column then goes on to tell members that “the most recent shot, which was released in September 2023, isn’t actually a booster.* It’s a new vaccine that targets the latest variants.”

A what-now? A new vaccine?

Wow. Guess it must have gone through the randomized trials that are required in the United States for any new drug or vaccine. No? Let’s just call it a new vaccine anyway, since our elderly readers have gotten kinda suspicious of the failure of the Covid shots they’ve already taken.”

*Why wouldn’t AARP simply change terminology on a whim? What disincentive exists for the biomedical industry to call whatever it likes a “vaccine” after it successfully cucked dictionaries back in 2021 into literally changing the definition of the word overnight Animal Farm-style, and no one in a position of authority blinked an eye?

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