WATCH: ‘Indigenous’ Lady Shaman Brazenly Disregards Social Distancing at Davos

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Sunday, Jan 21, 2024 - 16:10

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

In standard virtue-signaling fashion, the WEF technocrats recruited an alleged Indigenous Lady of Color™ (ILOC) called Chief Putanny Yawanawá in red facepaint, embodying some enlightened and esoteric spiritual tradition, to “bless” a set of panelists.  

Mystic Putanny — plucked from an obscure hunter-gatherer tribe in the Amazon, maybe, but just as plausibly from a Women’s and Gender Studies department at the local university — kicks things off with a jibber-jabber incantation that no one, perhaps including her, understands the meaning of.

She then shuffles from panelist to panelist, festooned in her exotic getup, heaving her microbes all over their receptive, grateful faces — no masks, no “six feet to stop the spread.”

(For the record, Warlord Fauci admitted in non-televised Congressional testimony that his “six feet” social distancing woo-woo was a pseudoscientific fantasy, dreamt up in his degenerate head to maximize COVID terror.)

Via World Economic Forum:

“Indigenous people and local communities steward one-third of the Earth’s territories, continuing cultural and spiritual practices that nurture their environments and communities. Indigenous voices are thus vital in adding a perspective that prioritizes long-term thinking and human experiences.

Indigenous leaders from around the world are attending World Economic Forum’s 2024 Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland to share their unique perspectives in charting a way forward…

Putanny Yawanawá is an indigenous leader and wife of Chief Nixiwaka Yawanawá. She is one of the the first women of the Yawanawá nation to receive the highest spiritual initiation from the elders.

She is a respected spiritual leader, opening the way into this sacred path for other Yawanawá women and setting precedent for such breaks in tradition*. For this achievement, she has received a commendation from the Brazilian senate as recognition of their important role in Brazilian women’s empowerment.

Putanny is dedicated to representing her people’s ancestry. She also resides in the Sacred Village, where she organizes spiritual retreats.”

*So, Lady Putanny is ostensibly there at Davos because she represents a sacred traditional indigenous whatever, yet she’s also there because she’s a non-traditional feminist bucking the orthodoxy of her patriarchal tribe. That’s called “having your cake and eating it too.”

Here’s the chief’s website where she advertises her “spiritual retreats.”

Upon a brief query, one discovers that this Chief Putanny character has actually quite the digital footprint marketing her services, as one might expect an enlightened guru transcending the material realm to.

Chief Punani was presumably well-compensated for her WEF performance in the service of laundering its crimes through her indigenous-washing ritual. Her business opportunities have likely expanded greatly following her invitation to such a prestigious platform.

So, good for her.

However, whatever sacred ancient culture this mystic lady purportedly represents, the WEF will stamp it out in good time as it spreads its monoculture across the planet like cancer.

Then the question becomes: in the viper’s den of charlatans and sociopaths, who’s scamming whom?

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