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Tuesday, Jan 30, 2024 - 17:36


‘Disease X’ could cause the next pandemic, according to the WHO—or Ebola, SARS, or Nipah. 9 pathogens researchers are keeping a watchful eye on

The WHO is predicting “disease X".

To be fair, they began with their dire predictions mid-last year but are now ramping up the fear dial and providing more “information” on it. We now know that it’s a disease that will kill 20x as many folks as CO(N)VID. We know this because they said so.

I do wonder if it’s just me and a few like minded curious folks who find it kinda weird that while they don’t know what it is, where it’ll come from, how it’ll kill, and pretty much anything else about it and yet they’re sure it’ll kill 20x as many.

It’s almost like someone somewhere has run the numbers on what death rates will be like when a population with a severely weakened immune system is exposed to something.

Whacky conspiracy theorists might suggest that “something” is already known because it’s been tested on lab rats and maybe some children in tunnels in a certain city… or maybe on an island run by a guy called Jeff. It’s a strange world.

You never know. In any event, in order to be sure of some such outcome, surely you’d have to be relying on some data, and data of this sort requires, you know… some testing.

But obviously, you can’t test what is unknown, and they promise us that disease X will be unknown. You try to decipher that one for me.

Anyway, once testing has been done and said data collected, then you’d be fairly sure of certain outcomes and then all that’s needed is a pangolin to have some rumpy-pumpy with a bat and voila. Carnage! Lockdowns, vaccine passports, mandatory “safe and effective” therapies… you get the picture.

Anyway, the WHO are meeting to plan “what to do.” This former Blackrock fund manager summed it up well:

Hahaha, the UK government is working on a vaccine for the disease they promise will be unknown. I guess we’ll just have to trust the science. Or not.

The truth is that “disease X” is simply the false flag operation needed to be used to cover for a bond and currency market collapse that was coming anyway.

The globalists solution is to self detonate this system while at the same time enslave the populace with CBDCs, pandemic treaty lockdowns, travel restrictions, social credit scores, carbon footprints and forced jabs.

Disease X is simply the smokescreen for the above, as was COVID.

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