Tucker Torches Ozempic ‘Miracle’ Weight Loss Fraud

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Tuesday, Feb 06, 2024 - 17:06

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Here we have a gem of a microcosm illustrating why Tucker Carlson is no longer allowed on cable news, subsidized to the hilt as it is with pharmaceutical propaganda — designed, as his guest, Calley Means, insightfully notes, not just to dupe its geriatric audience into “asking your doctor about ___” but also, and perhaps more importantly, buying favorable “news” coverage of their products, so that ne’er a sideways word is said of Pfizer or Moderna or, in this case, Novo Nordisk, manufacturer of “miracle” weight loss drug Ozempic.

Guest Calley Means, a guy clearly in his element, exposes the fundamental lie at the heart of the Ozempic marketing campaign.

The Big Lie, pushed by the industry and laundered through the (rapidly diminishing) veneer of respectability of pop-culture MDs on the pharma payroll, is that obesity is a condition in and of itself, treatable with drugs, and not what it actually is: the physical manifestation of a far deeper and more pernicious issue, that being metabolic dysfunction, implicated, we now know, in a cornucopia of deadly chronic diseases, including neurodegeneration, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.

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Means also hits on various other topics of import, such as the smuggling of Social Justice™ ideology into the Ozempic marketing strategy, framing the application of government (your and my) money to fund lifelong Ozempic subscriptions for Persons of Color™ as some perverse exercise in Equity™.

Via Washington Post:

“An unusual lobbying coalition that includes the pharmaceutical industry and the NAACP has been pushing Medicare to cover obesity medications — not just because of its 65 million participants but also because private insurers often follow its lead. But some experts warn that a win could ultimately translate into higher insurance premiums and taxes for everyone.
Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine this month, researchers pointed out that net prices can be more than 20 times the price of older weight-loss medications. If only 10 percent of eligible patients got the newer drugs, they calculated, it would cost taxpayers more than $26 billion.”

For anyone out there (and this probably doesn’t apply to you if you’re smart enough to read honest alternative media, like Armageddon Prose, not paid to lie for the drug industry and therefore at liberty to tell the truth) who believes that artificially jacking up levels of a single hormone, GLP-1, the mechanism of action of Ozempic, is anything but a recipe for long-term health catastrophe and disappointment, you’ve got, as they say, another thing coming.

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