Transgender Daycare Worker Caught Redhanded Molesting Infant Given Plea Deal

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Friday, Feb 09, 2024 - 2:20

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In one of the most seminal interviews in history revealing the scale at which governments use propaganda to control populations in order to cultivate changes in their social conditions, former Soviet journalist Yuri Bezmenov pointed to one vital tool at their disposal: demoralization. In an era where those social architects seek to reform the very fabric of humanity, no stone is left unturned and no bridge is too far. Perhaps no greater social engineering mission exemplifies this than the progressive agenda to re-calibrate gender and sexuality. Given the lengths needed to achieve that aim, the mechanisms needed to demoralize the public to advance that agenda have to be every bit as radical. The recent sentencing of a transgender daycare worker from Kentucky for sexually abusing a baby left in their care may be the most outrageous instance of that demoralization technique put into effect yet.

In February 2023, 25-year-old transgender female Maria Childres was arrested in Paducah Kentucky on charges of child sex abuse. The utterly depraved allegations that led to the arrest contended that Childres had inappropriately touched an infant and made sexually charged comments to it when changing its diaper during his employment at Explore Learning Academy in November 2022 after a coworker reported having witnessed the abuse.

Childres was arrested on February 8th 2023 and one year later to the day, he has been handed a slap on the wrist of a plea deal so lenient one would thing Alexander Acosta had offered it to him. Under the plea,  Childres will please guilty to a class-A misdemeanor of sexual misconduct in exchange for all other charges in the case being dropped.

Childre's mugshot. It really is that obvious.

Among the crimes that Childres will escape justice from was a class-C felony charge of first degree sexual abuse of a victim under 12. If there is any doubt that ample evidence existed for Childres to be put to the sword for the charges he faced, than witness testimony made during the interviews with Explore Learning Academy staff by Paducah police will completely assuage that concern. According to the coworker who reported Childres, the defendant asked for her help in changing the baby's diaper. Upon observing Childres to provide instructions should he need aid in performing the simple task, the witness saw the defendant rubbing the infants genitals before making the depraved assertion “that was her clit area and she likes it. It just made her day.”

When pressed on the witnesses testimony after being taken into police custody for questioning, Childres initially rebuked the witness's statement by claiming he had not even attempted to change the babies diaper. However, Paducah police confronted Childres with a text-message record from her employer confirming he had done exactly that, leading to the defendant's admission that they had lied in telling officers that he hadn't. Following that admission, Childres was placed under arrest and charged with 1 count of First Degree Sexual Abuse Of A Victim Under 12 and 3 counts of First Degree Criminal Abuse Of A Child Under 12.

Childres took to the tactic of playing the transgender victim card upon his arrest, hiring a prominent Kentucky attorney and trans activist named Madison Leach for their defense. Leach himself is a male who began identifying as a woman and has become one of the most public-facing trans activists in the state of Kentucky. Leach became the first transgender candidate to run for Calloway County Attorney, to the shock of no one as a democrat. The trans activism angle was immediately played up by leach as he motioned for a reduction in Childres' bond citing the claim that the defendant was having his civil rights violated as he did not have access to estrogen. The tactic proved to be effective as Childres' bond was reduced from $100,000 to just $5,000, all but ensuring their release.

As infuriating as the court's willingness to bend over backwards for Childres' release was, that was not the end of Leach's legal maneuvering. The attorney struck the aforementioned plea deal that saw all felony charges dropped. As a result of pleading guilty to the class-A misdemeanor, Judge Joseph Roark sentencing Childres to 12 months in prison. Adding insult to injury, Roark would make that 12 month sentence conditional. Instead of immediately being placed behind bars, Childres was released on a 6-month discharge. The terms of the discharge stipulate that Childres must abide by conditions set forth by the court including having no contact with children and to remain away from Explore Learning Academy. If Childres abides by the terms of his discharge, he will not serve any time in prison.

One would think that this unfathomable miscarriage of justice could only happen in one of Franz Kafka's nightmares. Instead, Maria Childres' adjudication is only possible because of a paradoxical reality in which transgender individuals who claim to be an oppressed, victim class are literally able to get away with child molestation even when they're caught red-handed. The scale of depravity of the leniency given to Childres is not just an affront to humanity but a reminder that behind every demented pervert like him lies a class of social architects so hellbent on ideological subversion to advance their agenda that there are no lengths they will not go to in order to demoralize the culture they seek to reshape in their twisted image.

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