The Portuguese Are Suffering Disproportionately From Too Much "Climate Change"

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by Capitalist Exploits
Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024 - 17:48


It would appear that the unfortunate Portuguese are suffering disproportionately from climate change.

This really begs the question that’s been on so many minds. What happens when a sufficient number of the populace realise what’s actually happened?

Now, it is possible that this doesn’t happen, but every day that passes this probability falls as more folks awaken.

Speaking of which…


I’m quite sure that exactly none of this will be televised or reported in in any meaningful way in the Western media and their respective presstitutes, and the groundwork will almost certainly be being laid now to discredit him and vilify him in the public eye such that anyone hearing of this will immediately think, “Oh, it’s that crazy misogynist, racist dictator, etc., etc.” I can already see the headlines.

In any event, it is going to be increasingly difficult to hold down the blindingly obvious forever. Expect fireworks.

Once again, tying this all back to what to do about it. Well, I find it increasingly difficult to see how the European Union stays united. And if the European Union fractures, then the euro becomes increasingly problematic, and with it European governments likely go bankrupt.

It’s entirely possible that we see a sovereign debt crisis sweep across the European continent before the pointy shoes manage to get their CBDCs in place. By the way, the real reason they want them is to retain control in the wake of a debt default. They are now racing against the debt bomb at the same time that the citizens themselves are waking to the incredible frauds perpetrated in the name of “health” and “science.”

Consider what happened. We watched seniors murdered in nursing homes with Remdesivir, Midazolam, and ventilators. We watched ordinary people coaxed, bullied, and hit with the most strenuous propaganda in order to have them become guinea pigs for a gene-altering transhuman bioweapon.

Most will never believe the above. That’s not what is required for a revolution, though. Only a small but vocal percentage is what is required. Could Slovakia be the beginnings of an unravelling? Time will tell, but I wouldn’t want to bet against it.

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