Why Can't America Have Nice Things?

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by Portfolio Armor
Friday, Feb 16, 2024 - 9:13
Michurinskiy Prospekt Moscow Metro Station
Moscow Metro's Michurinskiy Prospekt station, one of ten new stations opened in 2021 (Moskva Agency).

Why Can't America Have Nice Things? 

Reactions to Tucker Carlson's short Moscow videos (particularly the subway comparison below) continued to pour in on Thursday, from everyone from U.S. Senators to billionaire hedge fund managers. I spent some time engaging with them on X via my personal account, and while many attacked Tucker and Russia, none could explain why Moscow can have clean and safe public transportation while no large city in the U.S. can. 

Here is a sample of some of the attacks used by Tucker haters and responses to them. 

Better To Live Free In Moscow, Idaho

Moscow Isn't Russia

Russia Is Poorer Than America

Russia Is Probably Spending Too Much On Its Subways

Tucker Is Up To Something Nefarious

Moscow Subways Are All Thanks To Stalin

This Is About America, Not Russia

Many commenters seemed to forget that Tucker's reporting was ultimately about America, not Russia. One example of this was billionaire hedge fund manager Clifford Asness attacking Tucker as a "sick, dictator-lover". 

Ironically, Asness himself had pointed out earlier this week how Americans don't get their tax money's worth when it comes to government competence. 

Hopefully, after the dust settles, instead of calling their fellow Americans "useful idiots", American elites will be shamed enough to the example of Moscow to give their constituents a better quality of life. 

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