Bitcoin And Gold All Time Highs Coming?

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by quoth the raven
Saturday, Feb 17, 2024 - 13:34

On Friday I released my first portfolio update of 2024, examining how my 24 stocks I'm watching for the year have performed thus far on their own and compared to the S&P 500.

I also updated a bit of my macro thoughts and tossed around a couple of new ideas for the year (one potential black swan and one new name I’m buying): Trading The Shit Show: February 2024 Portfolio Review

Last weekend I also appeared on the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast to lay out my thoughts on Bitcoin even further. You can catch that full interview here.

As I’ve noted, last week was definitely the week of a bit of a bitcoin mea culpa, which is to say I publicly talked about bitcoin for the first time in a long time - while my subscribers know I have been buying the crypto (in small size relative to my gold miner positions) since late 2022 at prices around $16,500. Back in late 2022 I said I was going to read The Bitcoin Standard and do more research on it, but I never did.

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I finally got around to it earlier this year, after adding Bitcoin exposure once again to my list of 24 stocks I’m watching for 2024, leading me to write this piece last week: Why I Bitcoin

I also wrote this past week about how the nation’s debt servicing is all but completely out of control: 'Brink of Catastrophe' As Federal Interest Payments Reach $750 Billion

Last week I also posted an interview I did with Palisades Gold Radio where I talked about hikes, cycles, timing, gold, silver, miners, bitcoin, potential for a gold reversal, Western leadership, Argentina, emerging markets and optimism vs. reality: No Soft Landing Means Own Hard Assets

Last week I also talked about Nvidia and why it seems everyone needs to own the stock. It was a question Harris Kupperman set out to answer in his latest post about the market called "This Is How Blowoff Tops Are Made". In it, he talks about the MAG7 and their disproportionate effect on the S&P 500. You can read his full analysis hereThis Is How Blowoff Tops Are Made: Harris Kupperman

Finally, last month, Fringe Finance also published “The Bitcoin Debate: Peter Schiff vs. Larry Lepard” - an hour and a half long debate by bitcoin bull Larry and bitcoin bear Peter Schiff, where two of the smartest people I know debate the merits of the emerging cryptocurrency: The Bitcoin Debate: Peter Schiff vs. Larry Lepard

I also profiled portfolio ideas heading into the new year:


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