"A Stalinist Nightmare In New York State"

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Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024 - 9:04
Donald Trump and his attorney Alina Habba in court.
Donald Trump and his attorney Alina Habba in court. 

Even A Former Trump Critic Thinks It's Outrageous 

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Professor Steven Calabresi is not what anyone would consider a MAGA Republican. The former Reagan White House official co-authored a New York Times op/ed in early 2021 arguing in favor of a second impeachment of President Trump. Which makes what he wrote at The Volokh Conspiracy, even more shocking. We've excerpted the key paragraphs of it below. Following that, we'll close with a brief trading update. 

Excerpted from Steven Calabresi at The Volokh Conspiracy [emphasis ours]

President Trump's Kafkaesque Trial In New York State

A Stalinist nightmare in New York State

[New York State Attorney General Letitia] James and Judge Engeron have essentially turned a vaguely worded New York State law into a modern day Bill of Attainder targeted at Donald Trump both for political gain and because they despise his political views and desperately want to call his truthfulness into question as he runs for President of the United States inn 2024.  In doing this, the have violated Trump's First Amendment right to freedom of speech and of the press; his Fifth Amendment right not to be deprived of liberty or property without due process of law; his Fifth Amendment right not to have property taken away from him except for a pubic use with just compensation being paid; his Eighth Amendment right not to be made to pay an excessive fine; his Article IV, Section 2 right as a citizen of Florida to do make and enforce contracts in New York on the same terms as are other New Yorkers; and his Fourteenth Amendment right to be free to pursue an occupation without unnecessary and burdensome regulation.

The civil fraud judgment against Donald Trump is a travesty and an unjust political act rivaled only in American politics by the killing of former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton by Vice President Aaron Burr.  If the New York State appellate courts do not reverse this judgment, the U.S. Supreme Court MUST grant cert on this case and reverse Judge Engeron's outrageous decisions.   National, presidential politics will be permanently altered if a local State's legal system can be used in this way against candidates for President of the United States.  This case raises a national issue of profound importance and if the New York State appellate courts do not address it, the U.S. Supreme Court MUST!

Read the whole thing here

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