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Gold Closes 14th Straight Week Over $2,000

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by VBL
Friday, Feb 23, 2024 - 22:28


Closes on High of Week


ZH observes: Gold ended the week with its best day in February, up 6 of the last 7 days to close at the highs since the start of the month...


The march was orderly all week, with only today seeing acceleration…


The weekly chart is looking suspiciously like a Bull Flag…

Most significantly, spot has closed 14 weeks straight north of $2000 in that same time frame…

This market is being accumulated again no doubt about it. Bids underneath are keeping a floor under this market, and shorts are being forced to cover more frequently. We can also confirm our previous reporting the long macro players who bought December 3rd and for days afterwards had expressed their opinions with options.

As noted in our CITI report analysis

Bullish gold options structures put on in late 2023 or early 2024 are decaying as vol realizes poorly and call skew cheapens

They have almost all liquidated now. This is extremely significant in that the market has stayed above $2000 that whole disinvestment cycle.

Meanwhile,  Comex continues to bleed physical to China and parts unknown own:

CTA Overview

Funds covered again with no new longs...


Silver was the same, but players are selling silver to buy gold again...


Breakdown does seem to imply the physical players who were long the last 2 weeks let go some of their length

They want the gold

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