Prepping the Sheep For War

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Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024 - 11:28


In the last issue, we highlighted the UK (military together with presstitutes) and Australia (presstitutes) have begun preparing the nations for war with Russia. We had the Swedes do the same, and now the clog-wearers are getting in on the mania. The entire EU will soon be on this.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The Brits? Ok, these are the same people who think Spam is cuisine, and that was AFTER ruling much of the world. Can you imagine walking into a ridiculously well stocked buffet hall with every imaginable cuisine available to you — Argentinian asado, Thai coconut curries, sushi, lasagna, garlic prawns — and you say, “No, I’ll have the Spam and beans, thanks.” So I’m going to just put the Brits and their decision making capabilities into the “questionable” bucket.

The same for the Ozzies. Why? Easy. These are the same people who choose to live with eight of the world’s 10 most dangerous animals, and I’m not even counting the politicians, so… But this is clearly a rollout. The coordination has all the hallmarks of the COVID scam rollout. And look, it’s all the same players. Next up Canada and New Zealand. I’d bet Nancy Pelosi’s stock portfolio on it.

Army commander tells NATO country to prepare for war with Russia

The Netherlands should be seriously afraid of war, and our society should prepare for it…Russia is getting stronger, ” Lieutenant General Martin Wijnen, commander of the Royal Netherlands Army, said in an interview with the newspaper De Telegraaf.

It’s the same method they used with COVID. Begin by terrorising the people, point to the problem, and provide a “solution”. If we are to meet the goals of the WEF (clearly and in repeated ways being population reduction), then what better way to get there than war. Ukraine was the pilot project. Clearly, it’s not about winning. That was never going to happen, and sadly the military industrial complex knew this. It is nothing to these psychopaths that over a million Ukrainians are dead, and they’re now apparently looking to call up women. You know, equality and all that. Gender is a spectrum, right?

This brings up something else I thought worth mentioning. A US person who shall remain anonymous said something to me just the other day and I thought summed up how ignorant and naive many folks really are.

He said to me, “Let the Arabs fight each other over there, and let our military go teach these backward people a lesson.” It is shocking to me how ill informed many in the West are. How ignorant of the many ways wars are fought.

First off, Iran is, for example, a country with 90 million people and a truly formidable fighting force, some of the world’s most advanced technology and hence missiles. They could entirely level Israel if they so choose. And we’ve not mentioned Turkey, Russia, or, of course, China.

What is shocking to me is that this particular gent couldn’t think beyond what he sees on the news and put two and two together. Consider the open border in the US. You know, the same borders that have been wiiiiide open now for many years. The same ones where at present there are an estimated 12,000 illegals crossing… DAILY. Now, I have to ask the question. How many Hezbollah fighters are not in Gaza, Syria, or the Middle East, but in fact in the US? Come on, people. Think. And no, it’s not only Hezbollah.

We have been saying that the Ozzies and Kiwis will be the pointy end of the Western stick used to poke the hornet’s nest. Aaand here we go…

Australia and New Zealand make big military move as ‘pillar two’ of AUKUS revealed

“We are better together than we are apart,” New Zealand Defence Minister Judith Collins said.

The move towards working in lockstep is being put into place now (kinda like COVID lockdowns, really. Funny that!):

Australia Defence Minister Richard Marles said there would be”increasing integration between our military forces, including through common capability, exchanges of senior military officers and increased participation in war-fighting exercises”.

I expect the warmongering to begin in earnest shortly. The US has already begun stockpiling weapons in their backyard.

Remember this, folks. All wars are bankers’ wars, and the bankers have decided we’re going to war.

Now the podium donuts (politicians) will be brought in to play their part and the MSM propaganda machines will turn on the never ending ceaseless “[insert Russia, China, Iran, etc.] bad” narrative. But to really get the populace behind them, we can expect a false flag or two. They will need to get the people to fear for their lives. Only then will they fully commit to sending their sons and daughters into the meat grinder.

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