How the CIA “Nurtures” Zelensky’s Ukraine

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by philbutler
Monday, Mar 04, 2024 - 16:33

My lead for this story will make some of you spuke your morning coffee all over your smartphone, desktop, or tablet, so put down your cup or suffer the consequences. Uh-hum. Now, get this. The New York Times’s Adam Entous and Michael Schwirtz are convinced the CIA is a “nurturing” spy agency. Stop laughing. This is for real. It’s serious. It’s also ludicrous and dangerous, of course.

Mommy Dearest the CIAAccording to these reporters (and others down the food chain), Ukraine soldiers are being coddled, hugged, urged forward, and protected not only with the billions of dollars and euros America and the EU are providing in weapons and bribes, but by the Central Intelligence Agency. Yes, the mother of all lying, cheating, and killing organisations has set up camp in bunkers across the Russian front in Ukraine. As the NYT’s story reveals, Mommy Dearest in Langley has built a “network of secret spy bases along the Russian border” since 2014 (Operation Goldfish). Or, in other words, everything we alternative media analysts have been saying all along it's out in the open. 

The interesting thing for me (and I hope some of you) is that Russia’s Vladimir Putin alluded to the CIA and a “deep state” running U.S. presidents in his interview with Tucker Carlson some days ago. I won’t elaborate here, but Putin gave examples of American chief executives changing course after consultation with “whoever” it is standing behind the curtain. The Wizard of Oz comes to mind for a plethora of reasons. Returning to the referenced story, the award winning typists who conjured this latest horse manure, thety also gave us this:

“Since 2016, the CIA began training an elite Ukrainian commando force — known as Unit 2245 — which captured Russian drones and communications gear so that CIA technicians could reverse-engineer them and crack Moscow’s encryption systems.”

The CIA - Nurturing - And reporters who’ve been lifted up because of their fantastic tales of Russia this, or Russia that, it's sensational! Why those barbarians over yonder are against our American dream! At this point, I’d like to apologize to readers for my seemingly endless reporting with media analysis. This just occurred to me. I'll bet it’s all as dull and redundant for you as it is for me. Just for good measure,though, here’s my methodology so that all can better understand my analysis.

Soros of Oz
Surely not! 

Okay. First, “Google” Vladimir Putin (or just Putin) and then hit the “news” tab. It’s a quick way to see what lies and propaganda “they” are putting out for the numbed readership in the States. The BBC and others in Europe, The Telegraph, and so on, they also feed the NATO alliance citizenry. You may not know it, but Google delivers what The Wizard of Oz (God, where it Toto?) wants to be sent out. Your daily brain-numbing meal is there, on the first and second through the deep twentieth search pages. Smoe of you may recall those rumors the CIA made Google, Facebook. How many rumors and so-called conspiracy theories are being proven real now? Once you click the most ludicrous links, a second phase of discovery will hit each of you in the face. That is after you’ve read about two paragraphs in. This is where the “Who TF are these guys?” question will grab you. If you've the time, search out their biographies or LinkedIn profiles. 

In the current case, Adam Entous got a chip in the game by feeding American readers crap about Russia meddling in U.S. elections. As for Michael Schwirtz, he was on a team that won a Pulitzer for spewing propaganda about those pesky Russians and their intelligence operations. Given these Washington establishment bullhorn’s backgrounds, calling them “spooks” is not a stretch. Big surprise, huh? You don’t go to The European University at St. Petersburg in the middle of studying at George Washington University because of a yearning for Russian culture. Both these reporters got paid to disseminate the idea Vladimir Putin personally tried to torpedo Hillary Clinton’s White House bid, and neither one of them bothered to whine and cry about Clinton’s and the DNC’s unscrupulous activities at that time. I could go on, but you can bet anybody who refers to the CIA nurtures anything but death and destruction is either a spy, a sellout, or a complete nincompoop. And neither of these journalists fits the “idiot” description. They both seem like the groomed type.

Returning to their splendiferous article, they mention a CIA-created Ukrainian commando force known as Unit 2245. This bears mentioning, and so does their dropping dime on U.S. intelligence putting agents inside Russia and other aligned states. Yes, we did that and then went burzerk when Hillary lost, and when protesters panty raided Congress. The NYT’s piece exclusively reveals that my country turned “Ukraine into an intelligence-gathering hub.” The mention that Britain’s MI6 and the CIA were controlling Ukraine as a beachhead for operations against Moscow, also bears mightily after Mr. Putin’s recent interview with Carlsno. You all know from reading alt-media stories of Biolabs, Nazi training camps, Maginot Line-like defensive fortifications, and the coup in Kyiv in 2014. You know these are facts, but amazingly, our Western reporters and spy chiefs are ready to come clean!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the other foot will drop on all our heads. Think about that, and finish that cup of Joe.

Another version of this story appeared in New Eastern Outlook

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