Study Destroys Economic Arguments In Favor Of Mass Immigration

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by Portfolio Armor
Tuesday, Mar 05, 2024 - 14:20
Fiscal costs of mass immigration.
To get DALL-E to illustrate the economic costs of mass immigration, we had to tell it to make the immigrants aliens, to get around its woke filters. 

When The Facts Wreck Your Argument, Bury Them

For years, Western governments and their allies in the media argued that mass immigration was invariably an economic benefit: the immigrants would pay taxes that supported Western pensioners. Suddenly, most of those same governments aren't too keen to show you the data. The UK, for example, just announced it would no longer break down fiscal data by country of origin. 

If you're wondering why, it's because the one Western government that's been honest about this, just blew up their argument. Mass immigration to first world countries is invariably a fiscal drain, because the immigrants (and their children) tend to have lower levels of human capital than the natives. 

The one Western government that was honest about this was that of the Netherlands. Our friend Emil Kirkegaard, a leading heterodox social scientist, broke down the Dutch study in the X thread below. Following that, we'll close with an update on this week's earnings trades so far, after the first two companies we bet against reported earnings after the close yesterday. 

Dutch Immigration Study Demonstrates The Folly Of Mass Immigration

Something to consider as the Biden Administration floods America with millions of low-skilled migrants. 

Update On This Week's Earnings Trades

Yesterday, we posted eight earnings trades on companies reporting this week, four bullish and four bearish. Two of those companies reported earnings after the close yesterday, and we exited our trades on them at the open today. Here's how we did: 

Options Trades

  1. Puts on ThredUp (TDUP 0.00%↑). Bought at $0.50 on 3/4/2024; sold at $0.70 on 3/5/2024. Profit: 40%.

  2. Put spread on SEMRush (SEMR 1.53%↑). Entered at a net debit of $0.95 on 3/4/2024; sold at $2 on 3/5/2024. Profit: 110%.

You could have made more money than we did on both trades if you waited until after the open to set your exit prices, as both stocks crashed even harder then. 

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