Physical silver buyers gatecrash COMEX vaults

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Friday, Mar 08, 2024 - 17:18


Physical silver buyers gatecrash COMEX vaults


Live from the Vault: Episode 163.

In this week’s episode of Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire brings an in-depth analysis of the recent price movements in both gold and silver, before diving deep into the increasingly depolarised silver market to expose its vulnerabilities

The London whistleblower takes listeners through the current bullish setup backed by a thorough analysis that highlights silver’s undervaluation and pervasive manipulation, before closing with an update on the BRICS currency.





00:00 Start 

1:40 Gold breaking out - what to expect moving forward

3:45 Silver vulnerability 

18:00 How close we are to a COMEX market default

25:45 Does the bullish silver setup favour the cartel or the central banks?

31:26 New Goldman Sachs structural analysis 

40:00 Unwanted guests causing silver short squeezes 

44:30 INVESCO’s 11th annual study 

45:45 An update on the upcoming BRICS currency



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