Rutgers Unexpectedly Drops Student Vaxx Requirement, Litigation Proceeds

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Tuesday, Apr 09, 2024 - 17:55

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

One of the last major, and most strident, institutes of higher learning holdouts clinging to pseudoscientific and immoral COVID-19 vaccine mandates, Rutgers University, recently unexpectedly halted its requirements for students.

Pending litigation against Rutgers by Children’s Health Defense continues unabated: “We are planning to appeal further to the U.S. Supreme Court, continuing to press our position that Rutgers never had the power to do what it did,” per lead attorney in the suit, Julio C. Gomez.

In an email obtained by Children’s Health Defense and distributed by the administration to all faculty, staff, and students, the university made the following claims before noting it has decided to drop COVID-19 vaxx requirements despite emphasizing that “ALL other vaccine requirements will remain in effect” for students:

“Since March 2020 we have relied on science, including guidance from our own experts and from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention*, on how best to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Your cooperation has been unfailing and led to a successful effort in keeping our community safe**.”

*This is how institutions like Rutgers have been allowed to get away with enforcing pseudoscientific COVID policies throughout the pandemic: hiding behind the “guidelines” from the CDC. It’s also how the Public Health™ appendages of the federal government have been able to enforce their will yet retain plausible deniability that they themselves ever created or enforced any mandates; they simply released “guidelines” that Rutgers and other institutions reflectively followed, with implications of revoked federal funding or other consequences for non-compliance. It’s a shell game of deferred responsibility.

**On the substantive merit of mandates, the so-called “vaccines,” we now have the data to prove, did no such thing as “led to a successful effort in keeping our community safe,” as Rutgers claims — a claim, by the way, likely designed to indemnify itself against legal responsibility in the pending CHD lawsuit.

It is public record, and has for years at this point, that, in addition to the “vaccines” not stopping transmission, Pfizer never even tested in its clinical trials to determine whether they prevented transmission. The pharmaceutical industry simply dispatched the dutiful corporate state media stenographers who rely on its advertising bucks, and politicians who rely on their campaign bucks, to say they prevent transmission, thereby granting carte blanche to workplaces, schools, and local governments to enforce unjustifiable mandates.

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Anyone who challenged the transmission narrative, by the way, as I did from the start of their rollout, got their social media accounts permanently suspended.

What all of this boils down to is that there is not now and never was any legitimate public health rationale for COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and any institution like Rutgers that exercised even a modicum of due diligence would have known this from the start.

Accordingly, all of the students who got the shot and suffered lifelong injuries or died, as well as those who refused and were expelled or denied admission, are owed reparations.

Wake Up NJ hosted a X Spaces last night featuring No College Mandates and students impacted by the mandates.

One of the main takeaways for me were the life-changing impacts on a personal level that these draconian edicts inflicted on students; it occurred to me, while listening, that, had I been a student at Rutgers or anywhere with a mandate in the COVID era, I may never have graduated from college. We may never know fully how many lives were destroyed over the last several years, but the evidence of the devastation will only mount moving forward.

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