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Yellen Confirms US Banana Republic Status Comes

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by VBL
Tuesday, Apr 09, 2024 - 14:39

Keep an open mind, or get financially repressed

-Zoltan Pozsar*

*Source and IMF Paper to which Pozsar refers above both at bottom

The Global Reset is Real

Authored by GoldFix ZH Edit

Yesterday Secretary Yellen said the following as her trip to China wrapped up:

After wrapping up my meetings, I capped off a productive trip with a visit to the Imperial College, and a microbrewery in Beijing that imports American hops for their beers — a small representation of how the U.S.-China bilateral economic relationship can benefit both sides.

The implications of such a statement (if that’s the best we can hope for from our leaders as Gold soars, treasuries drop and industry flounders) are the following….

This is Reverse Economic Colonization... aka the circle of life. It was bound to happen as it always does to degrees. But this one is a wholesale reset of money, roles, and power sharing

It is Happening. And it's your future if you do not adjust and prepare. The wealthy have already carved out their roles and will survive just fine

Take care of yourself now.

1- Avoid financial repression with proper financial hedges appropriate for a changing economy, money, and power (mercantilism).

2- Prepare your children for career path changes. - manufacturing, chips, cyber, import/export trade, added value materials. What’s old is new again

3- Expect 1 out of 3 "affluent" pals to leave nothing to their children in 20 years from resource depletion due to not doing #1

"They" will only throw you a lifeline after you are under water. And that will just be enough to keep you alive. CBDC/UBI then Euthenasia

Good Luck

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