Congress Demands Oversight of US-Funded Bird Flu Gain-of-Function Research in CCP Lab

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Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024 - 22:27

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

If all of this sounds like a fever-dream case of déjà vu, that’s because it’s essentially a play-by-play repeat of the synthesis of COVID-19 and all of the ensuing chaos and disease and economic and social devastation that ensued:

·       A rogue U.S. agency offshores research it is banned from performing itself on American soil to unaccountable Third World labs, using public money to fund it

·       Said unaccountable Third World labs recklessly experiment with gain-of-function research to create chimeric viruses capable of infecting humans, at ever-increasing clips of infectiousness and deadliness

·       Multinational pharmaceutical firms ready “vaccines” in the pipeline, ready to be deployed on the public to unprecedented windfalls once the shoe drops

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Via White Coat Waste Project:

“In February, a White Coat Waste Project (WCW) investigation exposed how the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has wasted at least $1 million of taxpayers’ money on an ongoing collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party-controlled Chinese Academy of Sciences (the Wuhan animal lab’s parent organization) and a Wuhan lab white coat on dangerous bird flu gain-of-function experiments.

Now, a group of 18 Republican and Democratic Congress members is demanding answers in a letter to Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

In the letter spearheaded by Rep. Nick Langworthy (R-NY), who serves on the House Agriculture Committee, the lawmakers cite WCW’s recent investigation and write, ‘We are disturbed by recent reports about the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-linked Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on bird flu research. This research, funded by American taxpayers, could potentially generate dangerous new lab-created virus strains that threaten our national security and public health.’”

What follows is an excerpt of Representative Langworthy’s letter to the USDA chief which concludes with a call for transparency and oversight over these experiments:

“We are disturbed by recent reports about the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-linked Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on bird flu research. This research, funded by American taxpayers, could potentially generate dangerous new lab-created virus strains that threaten our national security and public health.

The USDA-CAS joint project description states that it entails ‘in vivo passage of viruses through mallard ducks and Chinese goose species to predict evolution in natural hosts,’ ‘viral evolution and transmission dynamics of avian influenza virus (AIV) infection in Japanese quail as an indicator species of potential to jump into mammalian hosts,’ and experiments with ‘highly pathogenic avian influenza.’…

Regarding the role of CAS in this potentially dangerous research collaboration, USDA explains: ‘The work will involve...wet-lab virology, both in vitro and in vivo...The collaborators at the Chinese Academy of Sciences will...perform in vivo and vitro fitness measurements...Chinese Academy of Science will provide molecular virology expertise.’ One of the key CAS collaborators in this USDA program has a recent affiliation with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

Dovetailing with these revelations, CDC Director Mandy Cohen recently bragged to NPR that the agency has bird flu “vaccine candidates that are ready to go” just as soon as the government can parlay bird flu terror disseminated via the corporate state media into new lockdowns designed to hold the economy hostage until they get “shots in arms,” as they like to stay — a virtually identical replay, again, of COVID-19, only perhaps with (they hope) a much deadlier pathogen that would make enforcing mandates easier… the fatal flaw of the COVID regime being that the virus turned out to be not deadly at all save for a tiny subset of the population with multiple co-morbidities. What they really need this go-around, accordingly, is an engineered virus with a kill rate 100x or more that of COVID to get the compliance where it needs to be for the full-throated biomedical surveillance state to sink its teeth in.

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Via American Wire:

“’The CDC says the risk to humans from the H5N1 flu that is driving this outbreak is low,’ NPR host Ari Shapiro told CDC Director Mandy Cohen on Wednesday. ‘Right now, it appears that the two cases in humans were from contact with sick animals. Do you have any reason to believe that humans could pass this on to each other?’

‘So we have never seen a case of human-to-human spread of avian flu here in the United States, and the version of avian flu that we’re seeing in cattle and in this one human case is the same strain that we have seen previously in birds,’ Cohen replied. ‘We’ve never seen that spread human to human.’

‘That all being said,’ she added, ‘as we’ve learned through COVID and our experiences, viruses change, and we need to stay ahead of it. That’s why we at CDC and the whole of U.S. government is taking this very seriously and monitoring the situation very closely.’…

‘The good news is the United States has been preparing for avian flu outbreaks for more than 20 years,’ Cohen said. ‘We’ve invested in our ability to test for this, to prevent it and to treat it. And we know that the strain we’re seeing right now is the same strain we have seen before. Tests will pick this up.’

‘Our treatment, which is Tamiflu, which we have both doses in stockpile and around the country, works,’ she said. ‘And we even have vaccine candidates that are ready to go. So it’s very different than what we experienced, for example, at the beginning of COVID, when we were seeing a brand-new, novel virus where we didn’t have tests, we didn’t have treatment and we didn’t have vaccine.’”

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