BRICS is driving gold prices higher - watch to find out how

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Friday, May 03, 2024 - 14:05


BRICS - who’s behind the curtain

Follow the gold BRICS road


Live from the Vault: Episode 171.


In this week’s episode of Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire guides viewers through the community’s inquiries regarding the short, medium and long-term prospects for physical gold prices.

The seasoned precious metals expert unveils the behind-the-scenes manoeuvres influencing gold and silver markets, providing insights into the forthcoming BRICS currency, and offering a glimpse into what lies ahead.





00:00 Start 

02:05 BRICS currency update

08:15 Forced Basel III NSFR compliance coming to a head?

14:30 How has the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) viewed the recent price breakout?

19:50 The physical market is driving these changes 

24:40 What Andrew is seeing in the markets for the short-term




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