The Fed Is Telling You Lies

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by Dohmen Capital Research
Saturday, May 11, 2024 - 21:26

While the majority of analysts proclaim the economy is still "strong," the reality is that the economy has been weakening for many months.

In Bert Dohmen's latest interview, he goes beneath the surface to explain how the Fed is denying the fact that growth is slowing and that they are not actually fighting inflation.

Bert also reveals his latest forecasts for Gold and Silver, the AI driven Stock Market Rally, and how long this rally can continue before it stalls out.

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Interview Timestamps:

00:00 Stagflation dangers

3:41 False April job numbers

4:48 Money supply is rising

7:55 Stagflation compared to the 1970s

8:56 What should investors do in a period of stagflation?

10:11 Gold prices and where they are headed

20:34 The current stock market rally

21:43 The AI frenzy

23:59 The Great Depression

25:30 A Comparison of 1930s and now

27:07 How you can prepare for the future



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