Biden Pulled 'Bait & Switch' On Israel Aid: RFK Jr.

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by quoth the raven
Saturday, May 11, 2024 - 23:00

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Today I released an exclusive interview with 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for all of my subscribers.

In our interview, we discussed mainstream media bias, Chris Cuomo now admitting he takes ivermectin, Joe Biden withholding military aid from Israel, thoughts on China potentially taking Taiwan, “ending the war on bitcoin” and potential plans to create a treasury bond backed in part by a gold, silver and bitcoin basket.

We also covered numerous other topics, including where he aligns best with both primary Presidential candidates and his take on bodily autonomy, medical freedom and abortion.

The interview is at this link.

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And if you haven’t looked yet, here’s what else is new on the blog. Last weekend I had an exclusive interview with Matt Taibbi, available here.

I also wrote about “The Illusion of Revolution”, trying to figure out how we went from MLK Jr. to chickenshit 19 year old "activists" requesting gluten free bagels and fighting for a cause they can't explain: The Illusion Of Revolution

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Last week I covered a number of topics, not the least of which in my hourlong discussion with Andy Schectman was whether or not the powers that be could be tanking the economy on purporse. That full interview is here: Are We Destroying The Economy On Purpose?

I also posted Mark Spiegel’s latest letter, where he argues inflation’s new “normal” is going to wind up back at 3%: New Inflation Floor Will Be 3%: Mark Spiegel

Earlier this month I also talked to veteran floor trader Jack Boroudjian. Jack laid out to me what level he needs to see bond yields at before he believes the economy could hit “serious earthquakes”. Listen here: Yields To Trigger "Serious Earthquakes" Across Economy: Jack Boroudjian

Also last month, I wrote about our country’s $100 billion in foreign aid that we decided to approve last weekend. To me, it’s blindingly obvious that the country has lost all semblance of fiscal conservativism — and I think it’s going to cost our economy and the U.S. dollar in the long run: Kick Back, Watch It Crumble

And finally, I wrote a piece late last month talking about Joe Biden’s new proposed taxes for 2025 — including a ludicrous idea to tax unrealized gains at 25% — and why that could further torpedo our already struggling economy: Taxing Unrealized Gains Would Obliterate The U.S. Economy

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