Nancy Pelosi’s Corpse Rolled Out at Oxford Union to Denounce Populism

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - 18:41

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

“Three choices.
One bullet.
One trigger.
Guess who gets to pull it?
One leader.
One thousand slaves.
For every throne there’s one thousand graves.”
-Propagandhi, ‘Head? Chest? Or Foot?’

Nancy Pelosi’s cryptkeepers down in the cryogenic bunker where she is kept on ice got the call.

They dolled its face up and dutifully summoned a witch doctor/Dr. Feelgood or whatever satanic pharmaceutical rite they have to perform to get its eyes open and its gums flapping.

All of this was in the service of presenting the Pelosi entity to the prestigious Oxford Union — that “People’s House,” as it’s known, where cockney accents abound, widely regarded as a bastion of populism — to decry populism as a “threat to democracy.”

Via New York Post (emphasis added):

“Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made an outrageous comment during a recent Oxford Union debate, calling those who may see themselves as part of the populist movement just ‘poor souls who are looking for some answers.’*

‘We’ve given [answers] to them, but they’re blocked by some of their views on guns. They have the three Gs: guns, gays, God,’ huffed the 84-year-old Pelosi. ‘That would be a woman’s right to choose — and the cultural issues cloud some of their reception of an argument that really is in their interest.’”

*”Looking for answers” to questions like: why is this demon not under the jail at the moment for her copious insider trading or a thousand other abuses of public office?

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“This House Believes that Populism is a Threat to Democracy,” the proposition Pelosi supported with her performance, won by a margin of 177-68 in an ironic popular vote posed to the population of the Oxford Union — an irony which apparently went unappreciated by the scholars appearing at the occasion.

As a side note, I get that this lady is Italian (her equally degenerate father being a notorious mob associate back on the East Coast before they took the family business west), and it’s well-known that Southern Europeans prefer to communicate non-verbally or whatever, but the extraneous extremity motions are really over the top, as they lend no further coherence to her slurred rhetoric; that’s what her mainline Adderall injections are for.

This is a point of personal grievance, but what gest my goat about people like this is that I am, and perhaps you are too, far too honest and forthright to ever stoop to their level, even though it’s a ticket to stardom and riches for the puppets of the ruling class.

For such a creature as Pelosi, there has like never once, in her long and seemingly eternal life of “public service,” been a moment of uncomfortable cognitive dissonance in which she has been forced by her own volition to square her public championing of Democracy™ with her recent utterances that populism — which just means an ideology that views popular will with primacy, which in practice as a form of governance would be called democracy — is a threat to that which it explicitly endorses.

There’s nothing a creature such as Pelosi will not utter for the right amount of money or public laurels — blissfully unimpeded by any inner voice of conscience.

I can’t get my own Jiminy Cricket to shut the hell up, and it often plagues me when I feel I’ve acted dishonorably, whereas Pelosi gets richer by the day telling glib lies and sleeps like a baby on Valium on a mountain of corpses.

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