50% Of DEI Admits At UCLA Medical School Found To Be Incompetent

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Friday, May 24, 2024 - 8:19
Diverse medical clerks doing rounds

DEI Has Apparently Wrecked UCLA Medical School

A topic we've covered here before is how affirmative action/DEI spreading into life-or-death fields is putting lives at risk. We've talked about it happening in aviation, 

And we've talked about it happening in medicine. 

Apparently, the DEI situation in medical school has gotten worse, as investigative reporter Aaron Sibarium revealed in the disturbing thread below. 

The whole thread is quite long; you can see it all in the thread reader below.

Isn't This Illegal?

That's a question a number of readers of Sibarium's thread have asked. As Steve Sailer pointed out, yes: 

Racial preferences at UCLA have been thrice outlawed: by California voters in 1996 and 2020 and by the Supreme Court in 2023. Imagine what are like elsewhere. Nevertheless…

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