Biden regime inks suicidal 'No Coal' pact, while the world builds 1,000 new facilities

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by Capitalist Exploits
Monday, Jun 10, 2024 - 3:00


You can’t make this up.

The Biden administration has just signed an economic suicide pact that would require the United States and six other Western democracies to shut down its coal power plants by 2035, while China, India and the rest of the world currently have more than 1,000 new coal power plants in the planning or construction phase. The no-coal pact allows all nations but the Suicidal Seven to continue using as much affordable coal power as they like.

Speaking of that dirty old coal and myopic ignorant woke government policies and how they transpire, rest your eyes on this hilarious short video clip from the New Zealand government propaganda channel.

Before you watch it, some background information — the New Zealand government, entirely captured by the Malthusianists at the World Economic Forum, banned oil and gas and went as far as cementing gas pipelines, an act of industrial sabotage.

They did this so that they can NEVER be used again (cement paid for by taxpayers, of course).

What we’ve seen this year is a 30% decline in natural gas and so the only fuel we have left to back it is coal…

It is a situation of, if you don’t have the gas unfortunately we need to use the coal until we can transition to a lower carbon solar fuel in the future like biomass…

It’s worth reminding folks that “biomass” is wood pellets. Yes, it’s true. Burning trees is “green.” Fucking idiots! I suspect this energy “transition” is going to go as well as this ugly man’s transition went.

Something else: You’ll notice this trend now across the Western world. All the video clips on YouTube from government propaganda channels have comments “disabled.”

The irony is that Western media outlets disable the comments section while Russian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern ones don’t.

Imagine that!

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