We Can Be Lied To About Anything

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by quoth the raven
Monday, Jun 17, 2024 - 12:52

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Here’s a noncontroversial statement: Joe Biden is unfit to be President of the United States. Democrats know it, Republicans know it, people in the media know it, other world leaders know it, you know it, and I know it.

Putting aside your partisan biases for a second, think of the endless deluge of clips where the current President of the United States trails off while talkingmumbles incoherently, loses his frame of reference, shakes hands with nobody, trips and falls, falls asleep, or stares off into outer space during important international gatherings.

I know this isn’t just a case of my “lying eyes” or simply taking clips out of context because friends of mine who lean left also notice it and tell me that they wish the Democrats would run another candidate.

Last week, a clip surfaced where Joe Biden, in the midst of a meeting with Italy’s Giorgia Meloni and other world leaders at the G7 summit, wanders off from the group of leaders and needs to be directed back to where to stand by Meloni, who assists him.

One ally at the summit reportedly said about Biden it’s the ‘worst he has ever been’.

This follows another clip that surfaced last week of Biden alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, her husband, some dude in a dress, and a crowd full of people dancing to gospel music at the White House. As the room claps along, dances, and sways to Kirk Franklin, Biden rigidly sways for a couple seconds and then appears frozen, staring straight ahead, paralyzed, like the first time I took a whole 10 mg THC edible.

These are just the latest two incidents in a bizarre series of gaffes over the last four years for Biden. While Democrats in my life at least have the decency and presence of mind to realize they would sound idiotic trying to make the argument that Biden is still sharp, the media has no such finesse and no such decency.

In fact, last week, multiple left-wing commentators took to MSNBC to make the argument that the video clip of Biden wandering off from Giorgia Meloni was nothing more than a classic case of misinformation. They argued that it was “disinformation” — stop me if you’ve heard that one before.

The evidence that Biden appears lost is right in front of their face, yet with a straight face, they tell their viewers that the clip is being taken out of context. The next day, the media was till at it, turning their attention to...(READ THIS FULL ARTICLE, FREE, HERE).

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