Political Correctness Kills

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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024 - 11:32
Insert: Margo Wood and her son Julian. The silhouetted figure holding the knife in the security cam footage on the right is Bianca Ellis, who attacked the mother and son, murdering Julian.
Insert: Margo Wood and her son Julian. The silhouetted figure holding the knife in the security cam footage on the right is Bionca Ellis, who attacked the mother and son, murdering Julian. 

Ann Coulter Noticed This One

On our new, national holiday of Juneteenth, Ann Coulter reshared this X post from my personal account; it's important enough that I thought it was worth an elaboration here. 

The post is about another of what the mainstream media dubs as a "random attack": An African American attacking whites. Unfortunately, though, there's nothing remarkable about black-on-white crime. According to FBI data (from when they were still releasing it), black males commit murder at 8x the white male rate. Black females commit murder at about 1.1x the white male rate, and about 7.6x the white female rate. 

The stats for interracial attacks are even more lopsided. Blacks commit violent crime against whites at 42x the rate whites commit violent crime against blacks. 

The War Against Noticing 

The thing that struck me about the surveillance video from before the attack on 3 year old Julian Wood and his mother is that no one seemed alarmed at all by a black woman walking around a store with a large knife in her hand. That would require noticing some obvious things: 

  1. It's not normal for anyone to walk around a public place holding a large knife like that. 
  2. Given per capita crime stats, a black person holding a knife is more likely to use it in a crime than a non-black person. 
  3. Given interracial crime stats, a black person holding a knife is more likely to use it against a white person than the reverse. 

If someone noticed all that, Julian Wood might still be alive today. If Judge Brian Hagan had been aware of those stats, he might not have released the murderer after she was arrested for violating parole. 

Not only didn't the judge or the shoppers notice any of this, but they probably didn't even realize that their very ability to notice this sort of thing had been suppressed by the establishment pushing political correctness for decades. That's why the journalist Steve Sailer called political correctness "a war on noticing" (Fittingly, his best-selling anthology of essays is titled "Noticing"). 

Think of the ways the establishment has suppressed noticing for years:

  • When government agencies are required to track race and crime data, to the extent it's made public, the focus is on crime victimization rates, rather than perpetration rates. So, if you here anything about these stats, you'll hear that blacks are X times more likely to be victims of murder than whites, for example. This is true, but misleading, because the vast majority of murders are intra-racial (blacks killing blacks, etc.). If you don't know that piece of the puzzle, you might assume that most black murder victims were killed by whites. 
  • When a white person kills a black person, it's usually national news. When the reverse happens, it's local news, at best. 
  • Government and media focuses on the man-bites-dog instances of nonblacks killing blacks, which both skews the public's perceptions of who is doing the bulk of interracial killing, but likely makes mentally troubled blacks like Bionca Ellis feel more aggrieved toward whites.

Consider Sharing This Warning With A Friend

I generally don't write public service announcements on here, but I'm going to do so now: stop shutting off the pattern recognition part of your mind for fear of being considered racist. If your gut tells you something is wrong (like a black woman walking around a store wielding a large knife), listen to it and act accordingly. Get out of danger, alert others to the danger, and seek help in dealing with the threat. 

This has been an admittedly grim post. Let's end it on a positive note by returning our focus to trading for moment. 

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