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Biden's Assange Pardon Makes Him Look Weak(er)

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Tuesday, Jun 25, 2024 - 13:05

Biden's Assange Pardon Makes Him Look Weak

Authored by GoldFix ZH Edit

After spending more than a decade imprisoned in London, Julian Assange is expected to be sentenced to time served (62 months in a Belmarsh prison - a high security facility in South-East London) during a court appearance Wednesday in Saipan, in the US Northern Mariana Islands, avoiding a potentially lengthy sentence in an American prison.

ZeroHedge continues, asking and answering Why did  this happen?. in "Julian is Free!" Assange Released After 'Time Served'

While this is excellent news for Assange and his family - and journalistic freedom everywhere - we can't help but wonder if this outstanding result would have occurred were it not for Biden heading into the first debate with Trump with his poll numbers in the toilet...

They answer of course it would not have occurred if Biden were winning.....

In today's Market Rundown, we deconstruct  Biden's mendacious reasons for this event. Enjoy

  • Premium: GS on CTA flows
  • Commentary: Biden's Assange Pardon Makes Him Look Weak

Key Moments:
4:42--Goldman on Gold
7:31--Assange Comment

Continues here

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