Black America Reacts To Biden's Disastrous Debate Performance

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by Portfolio Armor
Friday, Jun 28, 2024 - 10:59
ChatGPT4o's take on African Americans reacting to a Presidential debate.

Maybe The Polls Of African Americans Have Been Accurate

Every time independent journalist Michael Tracey has shared polls showing Biden losing black support, such as the one below last week, he's received a lot of skeptical comments. 

Maybe the polls have been accurate after all. To be clear, everyone still expects Biden to win the vast majority of black votes, but even a relatively small drop in the votes of the Democrats' most loyal demographic could be enough to sink Biden in November (assuming he's not saved by 4am ballot mail-in ballot dumps again). 

Judging by the posts by black accounts on X on Thursday night (a sample of which appears below) Biden's disastrous debate performance may have cost him even more black votes. 

Black X Users React To Biden's Debate Performance

The bulk of the black posts on X highlighted Biden's apparent senility and frailty, often in humorous ways: 

One compared Biden to the Hector Salamanca character from the show Breaking Bad, who is only able to communicate by tapping a bell.

Another compared Biden to a rusty robot, or perhaps the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

Another user suggested Biden was near death by saying he was close to meeting the late basketball great Kobe Bryant.

Another compared him to an underpowered, 28-year-old car. 

Another metaphor for Biden's cognitive decline:

The Urban Dictionary defines "Zooted" as "Deliriously high".

Finally, the reluctant black vote for Biden appeared as well, illustrating why he'll still win perhaps 85% or more of the black vote.

It may not be enough for him though.

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