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by quoth the raven
Wednesday, Jul 03, 2024 - 16:32

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It was only a couple of days ago that I reminded my readers that, if it was necessary to replace Joe Biden, the DNC would do what both politically parties consistently do: make the worst decision possible.

And now it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening.

On Wednesday the New York Times reported that President Biden was reconsidering his options for running, stating that he admitted to a key ally that salvaging his candidacy hinges on convincing the public he's fit for the job after last week's poor debate performance. Good luck with that…

He is still committed to re-election, the Times wrote, but recognizes that upcoming appearances—including an interview with George Stephanopoulos and campaign stops in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—are crucial.

"He knows if he has two more events like that, we’re in a different place," said the ally, speaking anonymously about the sensitive matter.

Also on Wednesday PredictIt polls for Kamala Harris to be next in line for the nomination shot through the roof, going limit up to $0.57 and leaving Biden at just $0.27 at one point.

Drudge Report has led with “It’s Her Party Now” and followed up by asking who Kamala’s running mate will be.

Later in the day, CNBC’s David Faber refuted the Times story about Biden considering withdrawing, possibly indicating one of the world’s most hilarious all-time backfires for the party of the Deep State: the Deep State is potentially running a shadow coup for the Democratic Party against its own sitting President, utilizing the media to fulfill their objectives.

Sleep with the dogs and you might catch fleas.

And, for the most part it appears the country still finds her detestable, which is great news for Donald Trump. Democrats may be carrying out a coup on their own President to replace him with the only human being on a planet full of 5 billion adults who may be capable of losing by a larger margin than Biden.

As a reminder, here’s some of Kamala’s pearls of wisdom while Vice President...(READ THIS ARTICLE AND 5 STUPID ASS KAMALA HARRIS QUOTES HERE). 

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