Lackluster's Last Stand

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by quoth the raven
Tuesday, Jul 09, 2024 - 16:02

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In a rambling, half-incoherent interview with MSNBC's "Morning Joe" yesterday morning, President Biden – or some AI-generated, half pre-recorded version of him – phoning from what sounded like a toilet, proclaimed that he was staying in the race and has had enough of Democrat elites.

In as fiery of a declaration to stay in the race as a semi-conscious octogenarian could muster up, Biden appeared to blame the lack of confidence in his ability to serve another term not on the the aging process, but on the “elites” within his party.

A bemused looking Joe Scarborough and his chief executive emasculator Mika Brzezinski nodded along and did their best to make it sound like they hadn’t been given cues from their handlers to push the narrative that Biden doesn’t belong in the race anymore (not even 2 months after Scarborough sang Biden’s praises on air).

Behold: the cruel, poignant irony of a man who spent his formative political years arguing that a deep state didn’t exist, now learning firsthand that it does, that it is in charge, and that it will try to destroy you just like anyone else if you get in its way.

But in the cadence of how Biden’s voice sounded during the interview, there was something about yesterday’s interview with "Morning Joe" that made me feel like it was engineered. I mean, even moreso than most Biden interviews where he is given questions in advance and doesn’t engage with press.

The cued up answers — some of which drifted from the questions asked, it seemed, to get across the image of a man fighting for his candidacy when it wasn’t appropriate to do so during the interview — came off to me as part of a bigger plan to fake a situation where they wanted to make it look like Biden wanted to hold onto office.

I just can’t help but think that if the entire Democratic machine – the same one that unilaterally kicked Bernie Sanders out of the race in 2016 – wants Biden out, he’s going to be out. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else wants.

Don’t get it wrong, it isn’t just Democratic elites that want Biden out of the race. Pretty much everybody in the country agrees that he is too senile to be president. In fact, many people of my ilk in the alternative media have been proclaiming this for years. We were perpetually disregarded as conspiracy theorists pushing AI ‘deepfakes’ and told to not believe our lying eyes and that Joe Biden was “sharp as a tack”, but we were just too dumb to see it.

But let’s just assume that Biden going on the defensive yesterday isn’t part of a larger plan to eventually relinquish his candidacy. Let’s assume that either Jill or Hunter...(READ THIS FULL ARTICLE FREE HERE). 

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