Marine 'Mocked' For Low IQ, Outwits Most College Grads In Intelligence Test

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Nov 07, 2023 - 10:33 AM

In a fascinating episode from Jubilee Media's "Ranking" series, a diverse mix of Gen-Z and millennial participants were tasked with assessing each other's intelligence to establish a ranking within the group. Despite the varied backgrounds, the collective judgment of the group placed a young Marine at the lower end of the spectrum, whereas individuals with college degrees, including some from prestigious Ivy League institutions, were deemed the most intelligent. However, when it came time for the actual IQ test, the Marine outsmarted three college grads.  

All participants "mocked and ridiculed the uneducated white Marine," X user End Wokeness said. 

Here's the group's perceived IQ ranking. Notice how everyone placed the Marine at number six?

Now for the actual IQ test, the Marine is number three, beating three college grads. 

What's notable, and pay attention, Gen-Zers - you don't have to go $100k in student debt for a degree that might not improve your intelligence.

It seems like 'woke' gender studies at liberal universities are not making college grads smarter.