US Home Prices Surged For 9th Straight Month In October, Led By Miami

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Dec 26, 2023 - 02:10 PM

Home prices in America's 20 largest cities rose for the 9th straight month in October (the latest data released by S&P Global Case-Shiller today), up 0.64% MoM (slightly better than the +0.60% MoM expected).

That pushed the YoY rise in prices up 4.87% - the fastest pace since Dec '22...

Source: Bloomberg

...but as the chart shows the MoM gains are slowing rapidly.

"U.S. home prices accelerated at their fastest annual rate of the year in October", says Brian D. Luke, Head of Commodities, Real & Digital assets at S&P DJI.

"We are experiencing broad based home price appreciation across the country, with steady gains seen in nineteen of twenty cities."

Miami and Detroit saw the biggest MoM gains while the West Coast dominated the MoM price declines with San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle worst.

But, judging by the resumption of the rise of mortgage rates since the Case-Shiller data was created, we would expect prices to also resume their decline in the short-term...

Source: Bloomberg

But prices are up and mortgage rates are actually falling again now (lagged)... so The Fed is re-blowing the same bubble?