Another One? Trump-Hunter Letitia James Spent Thousands On Luxury Travel And All Sorts Of Other Malarkey

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Mar 03, 2024 - 08:00 PM

While Georgia Trump prosecutor Fani Willis is embroiled in Fanigate - paying her boyfriend nearly $1 million to help her 'get Trump' while he flew the two of them on (allegedly 'cash' reimbursed) lavish vacations, New York AG Letitia James has been spending tens of thousands of dollars on all sorts of personal benefits, according to a recent analysis of a recent financial disclosure by X user "Mel" (@Villagecrazylady).

The findings are damning. James spent more than $15,000 on luxury hotels in Puerto Rico, $20,000 per yea rin meals, $7,000 dropped at a NYC nightclub that was billed as an "office," and $84,000 in airfare to fly all over the country.

She also stayed at the Beverly Hills Wilshire, and claimed $65,000 in "reimbursements" to "campaign consultants," which as X user Jim Weed notes, "could literally be anything."

Speaking of campaign consultants, can anyone tell me why a state Attorney General would need to spend over $300,000 in a single year (2023) on campaign consultants when she *just* won re-election the previous November? What could she possibly be consulting on? Furthermore, why do these million-dollar “campaign consultancy firms” always seem to be run out of random 2-bedroom apartments?

To be clear, Ms. James isn’t breaking the law with her expenditures. But considering the high bar she set for Trump in his civil fraud case, it’s more than a little galling that she plays so fast and loose with what she deems to be “legitimate campaign expenses.” -@JimBobW49

James also spent thousands at the '48 Lounge' in NYC as a 'fundraising' expense, a venue which claims to provide a "luxurious and intimate atmosphere."


Ghost Donors?

It appears Attorney General Ms. James is wrapped up in the ghost donor scam.

You may think that ghost donor bots were just operating at the federal level, but this investigation revealed how big it is at the state level.

Here’s a list of  Ms. James’ total donations and their corresponding receipts by year. Does anything jump out at you?

Obviously, 2022 is off the charts. Over 32,500 receipts, and over 62% are from out of state. Who the heck donates to an Attorney General, running in a totally safe seat in a whole other state?!

Answer: Ghost donors. What are ghost donors? Ghost donors (sometimes called “smurfs”) are sophisticated bot programs that use the names and addresses of real Americans to make donations to political campaigns. This allows the people running the programs to circumvent campaign finance laws. The donations are made in thousands of small-dollar increments that are easily looked over on cursory review. -America Out Loud

As Mel concludes: "So to recap: we’ve got unknown entities funding our state and federal elections and everywhere you turn there’s a sleazy politician using this tainted campaign money to fund their extravagant lifestyles."